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E-비즈니스 중간 발표

레터릭쇼 rhetoricShow@naver.com 프레지디자인북

용진 조

on 7 June 2013

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Transcript of E-비즈니스 중간 발표

If you need more help, email me at rhetoricShow@gmail.com METRO TILE STYLE optimized 4:3 aspect ratio What's
Problem? zoom into the details, zoom out to the big picture ! 메트로 스타일 10 Prezi Rules F O R B E G I N N E R 입문자를 위한 10가지 프레지 기본 룰 but, TRAVEL + SNS LOCAL BUSINESS CUSTOMER SERVICE Vision Mission and We blieve planning your trip
should be almost as fun as the trip. Make it easier to plan a trip by helping surface the most relevant places anywhere in the world. User Partner Support
activity Curation Value
Network 여행을 준비하는 과정의 고통을 줄이고 여행의 즐거운 경험을 더 쉽게 공유하도록 하는 것. 잠재적인
진입기업 구매자 공급자 대체품 산업 내 경쟁기업 analysis Key
Resources Revenue
Streams Key
Partners Customer
Relationships Customer
Segments Value Proposition Key
Activities Suggest People + Relationship Meet CiTa Coming soon TM 2013. 6 Travis Katz(CEO) start up : 2010
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