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Consumer Behavior


Jaimie Young

on 30 June 2013

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Transcript of Consumer Behavior

Part 1 - Brand Report

Part 2 - Video Commercial

Part 3 - The Creative Process
...Ipanema In China???
Founded in 1971 in Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil
Values: Profit, Competitiveness, Innovation & Agility & Ethics
World presence: More than 90 countries
First shown in 2001
One of the most famous brand of Grendene
Huge Success in Europe, US and Asia
Brand Awareness
Brand Association
Brand Positioning
Competition Analysis
Marketing Communication
Economic, Environmental & Social
Aggressive marketing
Celebrities Contract
Investment in Media/ Events
Strong Relationship with trade
Gisele Bundchen
for Ipanema
The Creative Process
Commercial Break
Step 1 - Whom are we talking to

Step 2 - Who are we?

Step 3 - What is our brand personality?

Step 4 - What is the offer?

Step 5 - Making of the video
Step 1
Whom are we talking to?
Target Audience: 25-35 years old women
80/20 Rule - 80% of our business will come from 20% of our customers
Income: 5000 - 15000 RMB
Profession: Office
Attitude: Stylish, Fashionable...
Business History: Frequent Shoppers
Step 2 - Who are we?
This is what create the connection between our business and our target audience
What makes Ipanema special?
Imported product & different designs
Making women feel good about themselves
Ipanema can enhance happiness, self esteem & reaffirms customer's personality
Why does it matter?
Why does it really matter?
Bringing stylish designs to Chinese customers
What is Ipanema best at & Why is it important?
Step 3
What is our Brand Personality?
How do we say what we want to say?
Compelling, Exciting & Unforgettable
Our message: Uplifting women's spirit
Our devise: Visual & Audio
Our music: "The Girl From Ipanema"
All components should complement our message
Step 4 - What is the offer?
What is the call to action?
A source of information - brand awareness
Best offer: Affordable luxury through a slipper
Step 5 - Making of the Video
Silence...We're Rolling...
Duration: 30-second commercial
Location: Sheraton Hotel
Models & Video Credit: Apol & Jaimie

Low Presence in China

Need to increase brand awareness through advertising and point of sales
Celebrity Endorsement
Zhang Ziyi???
Distribution Channel
e.g. Website, Taobao, Alibaba...
Malls &
Popular Shopping Streets
Specialty Store
How do customers perceive iPanema?

Price: Low
Age: 45+
Age: 10+
Price: High
Balle Group
Sport Brands
The Marketing Mix
SWOT Analysis
International brand
Good Quality
Brazilian Product
More expensive than local brands
Seasonal Product
Unknown brand in China
Late arrival in the market
High purchasing power of Chinese
1.3 billion in population
Imitation of iPanema flip flops
Increase in imported tax
iPanema Flip-Flop
Shopping Malls
Famous Shopping Streets
RMB 159-499
Advertisement - TV, Magazines
Fashion Shows & Trade Shows
SWOT Analysis
The Marketing Mix
What attributes are associated with iPanema?
Imported Product (Brazil)
Happy & Exotic
Value -CSR
Expensive, Seasonal Product
Brick & Mortars
Online Presence
Famous and popular in Southeast Asia
Targeting young ladies aged 12-30 years old
Position: Premium flip-flop with high quality and style
Opportunity in China
No retail Shop
Unknown by the market
Flip Flops
Ladies Shoe Brand: Bella, Tata, Stacatto etc...
High Price, limited collection, aged 25-45
Sport/ Functional Brands: Nike, Addidas etc...
Medium Price, younger girls
Early-comer foreign brands: Croc
Better consumer brand awareness
Flip Flops
Very low price
High market share
Consumer eduction opportunity exists
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