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In Search of Self

No description

Nadia Feister

on 19 September 2017

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Transcript of In Search of Self

In Search of Self
What I’m Thankful For
In Search of Self
Our little home
Mary was my best friend,
Through almost all of high school.
We did everything together.

Then at the end of senior year
Something changed
And we weren’t best friends anymore.

Was tough and didn’t care what people thought,
Like in 10th grade
When she shaved her head,
And later,
When her opinions were different from
Everyone else’s at school
She just didn’t care.

Mary stopped talking to me
At first it just seemed like we were both busy,
But then I realized
She wasn’t there anymore.

Not Anymore
When Horse Flies Attack
Sunshine, blue skies, puffy white clouds
Nice cool breeze
And fresh smelling air,
My friends near and far, the people who care about me,
Checking in to see how I am,
My heart so
Full, so happy that I
Have the family that I do
My brothers,
My sister,
Mom and Dad,
Gatherings on Sundays,
Food and fun,
Movie nights,
Relaxing on the couch watching Netflix,
With a bowl of ice cream,
Something with chocolate,
Just the way I like.
Warm smiles and hugs
Spread all around,
After a long day to
Fall in my warm bed,
Knowing I have all that,
For me.

I wanted to ask her why,
But was also scared of what her answer could be.
I didn’t want to find out I had done something
To make her hate me.

Was my very best friend,
And then I went to college,
And then I got engaged,
And then I got married,
Mary wasn’t there.
We weren’t best friends anymore.

Now we are both grown up,
And I still wonder,
What she is up to,
But I don’t call,
I don’t ask,
I think maybe it’s better this way,
Just knowing we used to be best friends,
But we aren’t anymore.
This house may be little, but it is ours. We scrimped, we saved, and when we bought it- this house was our dream. With a sweet little yard and trees that are growing. With projects galore and walls that need painting. This house may be little, but it represents our future. It holds our plans and our dreams. Our hopes and our hearts.
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