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My Future Plans

No description

aimee antuna

on 1 June 2015

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Transcript of My Future Plans

personal story
Key Terms
i'm a team player, flexibility, the basic reading,
writing, and speaking, stress tolorent.

i'm an active lisiner, i love to plan things!!!! concentration

chior ( 3rd-11th grade),
pottery( since middle school),

Respect, honestly, loyalty,

Future plans
: im working two jobs this summer to save some money.

i want to explore careers that involve more responsiblity so that my resume looks better. and when i have to apply for station they can see i've challanged myself.

in the fall i start classes at evcc for fire fighting. in the winter i start the fire acadamy and in the spring i start my EMT triaing.

this summer i'm taking my physical test to get into the academy.
i'll probably study aviation so that i can fly S&R helicopters.

i wont start with the salary most firefighters get but i'll still be making good money. i have to work throught the next two years to support myself through college.

After i graduate i'll transfer to a 4 year university. Hopefully i'll have a few job oppertunites lined up after the first 2 years.

my main objective is to be research and rescue. from there i'd like to branch out towards fema or the air force.
My Future Plans
Aimee Antuna-Toledo

urpose of this presentation:
to tell you what I'm doing after CHS

i can't change the direction of the wind, but i can adjust my sails to always reach my destination.

- Jimmy Dean
school history
: some of my highlights have been joining the avid program,
being a athletic trainer for FB, pushing myself to take advance classes, receiving
scholarships for college.
~staff that's had an impact in my education would be Mrs.
Acheson, Trish, and Kirsten

Family influences:
i can't choose a specific person that's influenced my life.
My parents have always pushed me to work hard. My dads story has always been
a motivation for me to work hard. And my aunts and grandparents unconditional
love and support has given me the confidence to pursue my goals.

Personal information:

VOLLEYBALL, pottery painting, doing hair.
fear of being forgotten, and fear of failing.
Influence of friends:
any negative experience I've had with friends has
been beneficial to my over all growth as a person.
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