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Lamb to the Slaughter

No description

Alexey Walker

on 28 November 2012

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Transcript of Lamb to the Slaughter

Definition Curiously:
eager to learn or know

The display produced a curiously
pensive mood among us. Tranquil:
free from commotion or tumult
peaceful quiet

It is vary Tranquil in here. Translucent:
permitting light to pass through
but diffusing it so that persons,
objects, etc., on the opposite side
are not clearly visible

The water in the cup is vary Translucent. Punctually:
strictly observant of an appointed
or regular time; not late

He is all was punctually for class Peculiar:
strange; queer; odd

She is very Peculiar about
everything. lamb to the Slaughter
Written By: Roald Dahi

Independent study
Ms. Keppler
Grade 11 English Simile:
"She loved to luxuriate in the
presence of this man, and to feel
almost as a sunbather feels the sun
that warm male glow that came
out of him to her when they were alone together."

These shows me that she loves being with her husband. Alliteration:
Mary Maloney didn't Know

Mary Maloney is a Alliteration Imagery:
She knew that there were other policemen in the garden all around the house. She could hear their footsteps on the gravel outside.

These one helps me so that you know that there are just no cops in the house they are out side as well. Literary Devices Character The main character is Mary Maloney.
I was most involved in the story
was when the cops came to find out who
killed her husband and the cops were asking
her questions to see if she know anything. Some
of the questions were "what were you doing
at the food market" "Did you see any one at the

I think she just wanted to be loved and when
the Husband told her something which I think
he was saying he was going to leave her she got
angry at him and hit the husband with a lamb
leg over the head.

I believe she was angry at him for what he was
going to do. Plot The most important event that happened
for me was when Mary went in to the
basement and got the lamb leg to cook up.
When the husband said stop making the food
because he was going out for supper she hit him in the head with the lamb leg.

I believe it is the most important part because These is were the climax is. Setting The setting is in a home in 1960 and the time of
day was at night around supper time. It was
Mary's and her husbands home. The last setting is
at the grocery store. It would
be less effective if it was in a different
location and time period because if they were in
the story together with other people would see the wife
killing the husband. If it was in a different time period
like now a days the technology that we have would of
found finger prints. Conflict The conflict is the husband is
going to leave the wife.

How the conflict gets resolved is
she kills him.

The most important conflict is
She dose not want to go to jail.

How these conflict gets resolved is
she ask the cops if they were hungry
because she had a lamp leg in the oven
and it was done so the cops felt bad when
she said she wanted them to eat for her
husband that was killed so they ate the
murder weapon. Theme This story's theme is revenge.
The person that took revenge was
Mary on her husband.

No modern readers would
not connect with this them
because most people don't
kill there husbands. But they
could connect with the theme of
revenge. Some of the reasons why
they people could connect with
revenge is if someone gets hurt by
someone else they want to get back
at them and hurt them. What I liked about these story
was when Mary feed the murder
weapon to the cops. What I did
not like about these story was that
the cops were stupid not to think
that the leg could of killed the guy.
Yes and no I can connect to these story.
The reason I could not connect to these
story is because I do not kill people but
the reason I can connect to these story is
because I sometimes want revenge on
people that have done stuff to me
or just make me angry.
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