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Harriet Tubman

No description

Kayla Y

on 7 January 2015

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Transcript of Harriet Tubman

Her legacy
The legacy of Harriet Tubman was that no matter the odds you face, "keep going." She set goals and objectives that were always obtainable. Even if many around her thought the goals was beyond reach, she always knew that they were indeed achievable. She helped showed us that no goal was impossible only if made we made it impossible ourself.
Early Life
Harriet Tubman was born on March 10, 1913 as Araminta Ross. Araminta was one of 11 children.She spent most of her life as a slave.From a very young age, Ross was determined to gain her freedom, and with her determination help made go down in history.
The beginning
In 1844, Ross married a free black man named John Tubman and took his last name. She also changed her first name, taking her mother's name, Harriet.1849, Harriet was worried that she and the other slaves on the plantation were going to be sold and her marriage would be split apart. Harriet dreamed of traveling north. There, she would be free and would not have to worry about having her marriage split up by the slave trade, Tubman then decided to run away.
The rescue trip
Harriet's husband had decided not to go with her on the trip. So she decided to go with her two brothers, and followed the North star. Later on the journey her brothers got frighten and turned back,But she still continued on and had reached Pennsylvania.
Conductor of the Underground Railroad
After Harriet Tubman escaped from slavery, she returned to slave-holding states many times to help other slaves escape. She led them safely to the northern free states and to Canada.Tubman made 19 trips to Maryland and helped 300 people to freedom. During these dangerous journeys she helped rescue members of her own family, including her 70-year-old parents. It was very dangerous to be a runaway slave. There were rewards for their capture. At one point, rewards for Tubman's capture totaled for$40,000. Over all Harriet Tubman made a difference in many people's life.
Harriet Tubman
Fact :
Araminta Ross as a child was "hired out" by her master as a nursemaid for a small baby. If she were to fall asleep, the baby's mother whipped her.
Harriet would return to Maryland many times over the next decade to rescue both family and non-famly members from the bondage's of slavery.
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