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TASK E - Presentation to the Students Union

No description

Kevin Dukes

on 2 February 2014

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Transcript of TASK E - Presentation to the Students Union

TASK E - Presentation to the Students Union
Mark Band 1
Candidates combine at least three of the types of information listed in ‘Presentation of the Results of an Investigation’ in the Unit Content section, such as text, tables and charts, from at least three sources, such as two websites and their spreadsheet to present the results of their investigation in a suitable form (e.g. a presentation or a report) – information about sources is limited to the URL of the sites visited;

Mark Band 2
Candidates combine five or more of the types of information listed in ‘Presentation of the Results of an Investigation’ in the Unit Content section, from at least five sources to present the results of their investigation – the report or presentation will combine the different types of information effectively and coherently;
candidates list the exact URL of the web pages used;
Numerical data from spreadsheets
Graphs and charts
What does the Brief Say?
Inform the Students Union
The presentation needs to be complete and handed in by the first Monday after half term.

USE PREZI.........
Using another type of presentation extends your software skills and hopefully offers you a fresh approach to presentations.

"Presentation of the Results of an Investigation"
What should you do first?
Check the specification
Check any exemplar work
Check the mark sheet
Where to find the information.........?
Your research
Your database
The completed spreadsheet
And don't forget you need to write your own information
You need to report to the student union on the best one or two festivals to go to. The report should include
A brief description of each festival
Any other information about the festival that you feel is relevant
Results of your spreadsheet analysis
A recommendation of the best festival to visit and why
Candidates need to combine different types of information from different sources into a coherent presentation, including:
• Text both created by the candidate and from existing sources;
• Graphics from websites and other sources;
• Numerical data from spreadsheets;
• Graphs and charts;
• Results of database searches;
• Hyperlinks to other information sources.
Candidates need to understand the importance of checking the accuracy and currency of the information and of acknowledging the sources used.
Text both created by the candidate and from existing sources;
Results of database searches
Hyperlinks to other information sources
Mark Band 3
In addition to the evidence generated for Mark Band 2, candidates consider carefully how the information needs to be combined so that it is presented in a logical order and in an appropriate style to make the final presentation coherent, easy to follow and easy to understand, including a suitable conclusion;

Candidates provide a precise URL for each web page used, along with the date the website was accessed and additional information such as author and date last updated, where available, and the path as well as filename for any local databases – they indicate what information was obtained from each source and provide sufficient detail to allow someone else to find the information.
Make your presentation interesting and exciting.........
You are trying to sell your idea of a visit to a festival to the student union.
Use hyperlinks and other links to data and information as well as creating your own......

Make it different.......and ask if you are stuck.
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