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Transcript of IT-технологии

IT-technologies Information technologies Technologies Picturec Informatsionnye of a tekhnologiya (IT, from English information technology, IT) — a wide class of disciplines and the spheres of activity relating to technologies of creation, preservation, management and data processing, including with application of computer facilities. Recently as information technologies most often understand computer technologies. In particular, IT deal with use of computers and the software for creation, storage, processing, restriction to transfer and obtaining information. Specialists in the computer equipment and programming often call IT specialists.

According to the definition accepted by UNESCO, IT — it is a complex of the interconnected scientific, technological, engineering disciplines studying methods of the effective organization of work of people, taken with processing and information storage; computer facilities and organization and interaction methods with people and the production equipment, their practical appendices, and also the connected with all this social, economic and cultural problems. IT demand difficult preparation, big initial expenses and the knowledge-intensive equipment. Their introduction has to begin with creation of software, modeling, formation of information storages for intermediate data and decisions.
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