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Nathan Beitler

on 26 March 2013

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Transcript of GHOSTS

Consumption Putting it Together Distribution Question & Answers Project Some spirits stay on Earth for a number of reasons. Some want revenge on their murderer or their family. Some are looking for a precious thing they have lost. How They Are Here The people who study and research ghosts and other paranormal things are with quite an exciting live a life. Research I have researched this info: Ghosts have struck America, people have been studying ghosts for years now.Ghosts are spirits of the body they once called home. Some people say they can posses bodies. Putting the research is most likely the easiest part of doing the project, the hardest is presenting it. We'll get to that later.Any who,sequencing is putting information in order.
I have organized my info as you can see. Sequence Cycle Ghosts The Research How awesome does that look? One reasons ghosts stay is that they were killed and they seek revenge or they lost something valuable. Cause & Effect What should I buy today? By : Nathan Spirit Speak! The next big thing Spirit Speak! Q: Do you believe in ghosts? A: Yes. Q: Any other reason? A: There is so much proof ( plus I saw P.A. 4 ), but some is fake.

Q: Do you Know any local ghost stories? A: Yes.

Q: Do you have any family ghosts stories? A: None actually. Belief in ghosts have changed some people's lives. People who insist they are real can obsess in finding and proving they exist. It can make people a little squirrely in the head. The proof that exists can lead to disbelief or obsession. To see a real one..... that would prove A LOT. INTRODUCTION Ghosts are a spirit that was once living and for some reason, still dwelling on Earth. Click the right arrow to learn more........ Compare & Contrast The living & The Dead The living and dead have NOTHING in common, or so we think. There have been many sightings of ghosts that have been captured, but what makes them so different? They have so many features we don't. They can fly, walk through walls, change form, and become invisible. They can also posses (or take over) someone's body. Unlike us, they can't eat or drink. They can still do a lot more than us. We can really only be alike because of our looks... Slide 1: Introduction
Slide 2: The Research
Slide 3: Article 1: Part 1
Slide 4: Article 1: Part 2
Slide 5: Papa G's Pizzaria
Slide 6: Article 2
Slide 7: Q&A Article
Slide 8: Cause & Effect Article
Slide 9: Ghost Cartoon: By Terri J. Garofalo
Slide 10: Compare/Contrast Article
Slide 11: Spirit Speak
Last Important Slide: CREDITS Papa G's Pizzaria Not kid Friendly! New $5 Soul Pizza Eat Here...... If you dare! I got paid good money for this so..... Hang onto something You o.k. ? Good, lets continue. Add 3 Add 1 Credits Slides- Nathan

Adds- Nathan

Pretty Much Everything Else- Nathan END Q: Why? A: I have heard many stories... IMPORTANT SLIDES Q & A Cartoon Time!! Work Cited Theshadowlands.net/ghost/
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