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Amanda's awesome PSA

By: Amanda Howard

MS. samsky

on 16 April 2013

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Transcript of Amanda's awesome PSA

If mermaids were not real.... Who made them up? And why did they decide to make up something that is not real? I'm not saying I'm a
sucker, and I believe in everything
I hear.... But I'm always open to new ideas. since the world was once
90% covered in water, according
to scientists and geologists, we had
to evolve from living in the sea to land
creatures. This is not uncommon for most
species as well. One thing is certain: Everything evolves and
changes over time. Orcas have evolved from a wolf-like
ancestor half a billion years before. Brown bears became polar bears. And if this is happening
to polar bears now, why couldn't
it have happened to our species at
some point, too? They are currently evolving into marine mammals. The longest record for a human holding their
breath underwater is twenty minutes. That's almost as long as a dolphin! We have a flexible spine,
and partial webbing between our fingers
and toes. Human babies already know how to hold their
breath when in water, and instinctively know how
to swim. And unlike other apes, we shed our hair. Hair creates drag in water . And we have a thick insulating layer of fat
that keeps us warm in water. These are features for an aquatic environment. The only other animals born like this, are exclusively marine mammals. MOVING ON TO THE MERMAIDS... NOAA is the National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration. In 2005, they recovered 'mysterious underwater
recordings and an unidentified marine
body' from a mass whale beaching in Washington
State and Southern Africa. They also recovered 30% of the remains
of an unknown creature from inside a great
white shark which was said to possess
the attributes of the human body. They alleged
that the marine creature had hands, not fins,
and the hip structure of an upright animal. What they pieced together also had: A melon
Large Eyes
A streamlined Body
High concentrates of
Hemoglobin and myoglobin Hemoglobin and myoglobin are molecules that only marine mammals have high concentrates of. They store extra oxygen in the muscles, bones, and blood. Besides, only 25% of Earth's oceans have been discovered so far. All of these cultures had sightings,
beliefs, and stories of mermaids, but had no
contact with each other at all. China, Hindu, Europe, Russia, Thailand,
Vietnam, etc. And if our early ancestors lived on coasts,
what if instead of migrating inland, they
moved further out to sea? And only 5% of its creatures... An octopus is able to camouflage. And if this is possible, I
don't see why mermaids
aren't. I was watching a show on
Animal Planet the other day
called "Mermaids: the Body Found"
and this is where most of my information
came from. I'm pretty sure all of you have seen
Walt Disney's "the Little Mermaid"... Well...based on DNA structure
and logic, Scientists believed that
mermaids looked more like this... So the next time someone asks you if you
believe in mermaids.... WHAT WILL YOU TELL THEM? Speculative biology can be a lot of fun...
to wonder how different forms of life
might have evolved... Presentation by: Amanda Howard With special Thanks to: Mermaids: the Body found Animal Planet NOAA marinemammalcenter.org/ www.imdb.com/ Dr. Brian McCormick And of course... Our Mermaids Google Images MERMAIDS
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