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Building Quality Curriculum

No description

Leah Domer

on 2 February 2016

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Transcript of Building Quality Curriculum

Step One
On April 5th, I will work with April Craver (HCPS IB Specialist) to register our school for
Building Quality Curriculum

IBO will have approximately 4 weeks to review our registration and send us self-evaluation and feedback tools
Step 2
Between May 5th and June 1st teachers/teams will choose TWO units to have reviewed

Complete the reflection documents sent from IB
Why is this
* Receive structured feedback on MYP unit planning.

* Deepen understanding of the curriculum planning process and reflect on your planning practices.

* Improve your written curriculum to positively impact teaching and learning
Who does this impact?
The year prior to evaluation, all IB World Schools must have ALL subjects go through Building Quality Curriculum

For FMS - this will be done in 2018-2019

Last year, Math and English went through a similar process.

Each year from now until 2018-2019, different subjects will take turns going through the process for practice and feedback.
Step Three
Two completed units per course (6 in each subject) and reflections will be completed and submitted (through GoogleDrive) to IB subject specialists.

Building Quality Curriculum
What is Building Quality Curriculum?
A process in which IBMYP teachers receive feedback on unit plans
Step Four
In August, we will receive feedback on the documents that were submitted.

We will have four weeks to respond with questions and/or clarification.
Teachers/Teams from each course will choose 2 units to submit

Teachers will use the reflection template to think review their units

All units and reflections will be submitted by June 1st
Step Two
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