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3rd Grade Social Studies Thematic Unit: Immigration

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Lisa Albiston

on 29 June 2014

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Transcript of 3rd Grade Social Studies Thematic Unit: Immigration

3rd Grade Social Studies Thematic Unit: Immigration
Writing Lesson

The student after hearing about Ellis or Angel Island will compose a diary entry demonstrating an understanding of the immigration process with three examples from lecture and video clips. The student will complete the writing assignment on the computer. Motivation for students is to have them imagine they are an immigrate going through Ellis or Angel Island, they will be able to choose their country of origin, name and background of the person.
Art Lesson

The student will create a collage showing the differences between American culture and the culture and country the student choose to study with at least 5 examples to present.

To motivate the students, different artifacts will be shown in class and discussed where the item was originated and what they know about it. Final art projects will be combined into a multicultural art book for display.
Music Lesson

After a class topic discussion about music, the class will listen to music from other countries. Class motivation will be to pick their favorite songs from the lesson and those songs will be burned to a CD so that they can listen to it in class and if so encouraged will be able to take their own music CD home.
Student Assessment on Immigration
The assessment will be based on all the lessons and information gathered by the students for one final presentation. They will review all major points but may focus on one particular lesson plan that had great meaning to them and can elaborate by using any visual art work, readings, PowerPoint or Prezi presentations and/or 2 - 3 cultural recipes to hand out to the students to try at home.
The overall objectives will determine the students understanding on how immigration shaped the nation, in particular their own community, and for the students to understand the different cultures present in their community.
Overall Goals & Objectives
To have respect and acceptance for other cultures
To have more knowledge about different cultures

The students understand how immigration shaped the nation, in particular their own community.
The students understand the different cultures present in their community.
Cooking Lesson

The student after learning about the countries immigrants and where they came from and that are present in their own community will cook food from those cultures. The student will sample the foods, only after parent consent, from the other countries and will discuss which food they liked or disliked and why.
Students' motivation is to think of a favorite dish from their own culture of a special occasion and bring a dish from home to share with the class.
Math Lesson

The student will work with a group to calculate mathematical story problems which focus on addition and subtraction by writing out the answers on paper with 8 out 10 correct.

Motivation for class participation will be to talk about how immigrants came to the United States on ships, have pictures of ships as visuals, and have students come up with ideas on how the immigrants lived and traveled on the ships.
Reading Lesson
CCSS.ELA-LITERACY.RI.3.1, 3.2, 3.3

The student after reading a tradebook, supplied by the teacher, about immigration, will write a book report explaining what the text is about and how it relates to immigration.

An adaptation to special needs or resource students will allow these students to use different reading strategies, such as a reading buddy or having the book read to them.
Story Telling Lesson
CCSS.ELA-LITERACY.SL.3.1.B, 3.3, 3.4, 3.5, 3.6

A guest speaker will be in class retelling their journey of immigrating to the United States and talking about their culture and heritage. Students are encouraged to ask questions after the speech and are graded on comprehension of the story within a class discussion after guest has left.
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