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Inkheart prezi

No description

Ana Diaz

on 12 April 2013

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Transcript of Inkheart prezi

Hero Or NOT? Ana Diaz :)) The Reason I chose this book because it sounded like a
really good book that i would want to read. The
magical creatures and having powers really
interested me since I enjoy reading about magical creatures. There are many journeys Maggie & Mo take
on in the book. One of their journeys are
facing the evil Capricorn almost at the end
of the book trying to free her mother from
Capricorns spells. Maggie takes on in an important challenge of reading
a characters back into
a book. Maggie is sort of a hero in the book. she does things that prove she is brave, but also does things that prove this wrong. for example, brave things she does are facing the evil Capricorn and Basta when they encounter
for the first time. InkHeart Journeys
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