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male beta fish experiment

I am studying the different reactions of a male beta fish

Courtney Smith

on 15 January 2013

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Transcript of male beta fish experiment

procedure :
Obstacle 1 Obstacle 2 Obstacle 3 Goal Start Bibliography:
http://www.microscopy-uk.org Results The first step in the produre will be to start with a fish and his natural environments , the fish tank. The next step will be to stand the mirror in front of the tank . Then take and change the postion of the mirror. First by moving it close to the tank. Second will be moving it around the tank and the last step is to move it completely away from the tank. After this collect the data and change the variable. The next variable will be light. Start with regular light then change it to different colors. Collect the data for this experiment and move on to the last one. The last experiment will be with sound. Two different sounds were used and then was put in complete silence. The last step is to collect the data for this experiment. Data analysis Different reactions of a male beta fish By: Courtney smith
I wanted to see how a male betta fish reacts to different experiments. Will he stay calm or will he feel the need to defend himself? with this experiment I want to see how a fish will react to different experimentation. Different experiments would include how the fish reacts to a mirror, flashlight , and sound. I want to see what keeps the fish calm and what may bother the fish. By conducting this experiment this could help scientists determine how fish react to different enviroments. It would help the community understand fish better and if they do have personalities. Purpose Hypothesis With the mirror experiment, I want to see the fishes reaction to its reflection, Would the fish try to attack the glass or would it remain calm and watch its reflection ? With the flashlight experiment , I want to see how the fish reacts to different color lights . Would each color light have an effect or will the fish remain calm. With the sound experiment, I want to see if the fish will prefer sound or will it prefer silence. Experimental design In this experiment the constant variable is the fish and its environment, the fish tank. There will be three independent variables. The first independent variable will be the mirror. The mirror was manipulated by moving it close to the fish tank by changing sides and moving it away from the fish tank. The second independent variable will be the light. The light experiment will be manipulated by changing the color of the light.The third independent variable will be sound.In this experiment,sound will be manipulated by turing it on and turing it off for silence. Materials
materials used in this experiment
one male betta fish
one fish tank with water and rocks
one mirror
one flashlight
one i-home and ipod for sound this betta shows its angery by puffing out its gill coverings and tail. By increasily its size , it can intimadate attachers. this is a calm betta with its fins and tail compllety relaxed research
Beta fish are very aggressive toward their own kind. Two male beta fish will attack each other. You can get the same results by putting a mirror in front of them. Since the beta fish does not klnow what he looks like , he will try to attack his reflection. The beta will immediately stretch out his fins as much as he can and opens his gills as wide as he can, displaying his membrane , and suddly looking twice as big as he really is. this is called flaring or displaying. The results from the mirror experiment show that the male betta fish will flare up when it sees its own reflection. The male fish stretched out his fins and opened his gills wide. When he did that he looked twice his orginal size. This information will help ones who want to by male betta fish.This will show them thta two bettas cant be placed in the same tank. This will help scientists understand why bettas react the qway they do. The results from the light experiment showed how the betta reacted to each set of lights. When the red and the purple light were flashed into the tank the betta flared up to protect itself. When the yellow, blue , green , and pink lights were flashed , it had no effect on the betta fish . These results will help the ones wanting to buy a betta which lights should not be used around a betta. Scientist can study why certain lights have an effect on the betta fish.The results from the sound experiment showed certain sounds and vibration make the betta flare up. With certain types of music , the betta would stay on the side where the music was coming from. These sounds and vibration calm the betta fish. This helps owners of beta fish determine what noises are okay for them and which noises to keep them away from . this will help scientists to discover which sounds and vibration betta fish reacct to and why they react the way they do. The findings of all three experiments show what makes the male betta fish flare up and feel he needs to protect himself. The male betta acted the way it has been shown in research before. The male betta reacts to its reflection. Certain lights and different sounds to protect itself. The experiment with the male betta fish began with the mirror. Several different studies were done with the mirror and each time the male betta flared up. He felt there was another betta and needed to protect himself and his surroundings. Then I tested the light experiment on the male betta fish. Several lights had no effect on the betta but the red and purple lights caused the fish to flare up. The sound experiment was the last test for the fish. In this experiments, several different styles of music were used. The music did not cause the fish to flare up but it would go to the vibrations and stay there. The sound of the blender caused the male betta to falre up. With my original hypothesis , the male betta did not like the mirror but he did not attack the glass like I thought he would . With the light experiment I did not think thta the different colors would cause him to flare up. I just thought he would leer at the lights. With the sound experimentI thought the sounds would bother the male betta and he would just prefer silence. This experiment tought me that certain sounds bother the betta fish but other sounds actually keep the betta calm . If i were to do this experiment
different another time I would test a male betta and another type of fish. I would also want to use more color lights. I would also like to test other kinds of sounds
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