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FYA Presentation (good)

No description

Samantha Crowe

on 30 October 2012

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Transcript of FYA Presentation (good)

FYA National celebration of Young & Extraordinary (FYA) change makers aged 16-25 years old

Held 25th October 2012 at FYA office and Rankin's Lane in Melbourne

Inaugural event hoping to become annual if successful

Established in order to encourage 50delegate’s extraordinary achievements What is Young & Extraordinary? Lauren, Kim, Kim and Sam Young & Extraordinary
The RMIT students helped in a number of aspects of the event including:
Social Media plans, briefs and implementation

Biographies for delegates

Obtaining sponsorship and partnerships

Creative and collateral for the event day
RMIT Students Roles Young & Extraordinary Facebook page

An E-program combining all biographies

FYA website, promotion and communication materials

AYAC website, promotion and communication materials

To accompany press releases for media [print, radio and online]
Bios to be interchangeable throughout: The Foundation For Young Australians alongside the Youth Affairs Coalition are organising the event.

Additionally, there is a dedicated team from FYA with personnel from the communications and project management divisions.

Y&E Project Manager - Alissa Phillips (FYA)
Y&E AYAC Project Manager Sydney – Jacquie Mckenzie (AYAC)
Sponsorship and Partnerships Officer – Kimberly H.(RMIT)
Communications Director - Carlita Bevege (FYA)
Delegate Biographies Coordinator - Kimberley Olney (RMIT)
Social Media Director - Claire Snyder (FYA)
Online Community Manager – Samantha Crowe
Public Relations Delegate – Lauren Johnston Key internal stakeholders Weekly meetings are held at FYA’s office
Project manager forwards a weekly brief for task allocation
Any issues that arise are discussed at the meeting
Emails, calls and text messages also encouraged between students and Project Manager Communications and Issue Management Initial Budget Deliverables Samantha - Social Media

•Social Media monitoring
•Facebook page
•Instagram profile
•Twitter hashtag
•Online communications

•Controlled posts due to confirmation by FYA & AYAC
•Sourcing images, not infringing on copyrights

Responsibilites and Limitations Kimberly H - Sponsorship and Partnerships

••Sourcing sponsorships
•Sourcing partnerships
•Sourcing supplies
•Delegate & Speaker Packs

•Establishing relationships
•Attaining physical resources
Responsibilities and Limitations Lauren Johnston - PR

•Assisting sponsorship, social media and collateral production
•Creative voice
•General advisor

•Random nature of tasks
•Variance of tasks
Responsibilities and Limitations Kimberley O - Biographies and collateral
•Delegate biographies

•Attaining accurate information
Responsibilities and Limitations Kimberly Hunt
•Alissa Phillips (FYA Social Innovator/Project Manager)
•James Lee (FYA Sponsorships/Partnerships)

Kimberley Olney
•Alissa Phillips (FYA Social Innovator/Project Manager)
•Carlita Bevege (FYA Communications Advisor)

Samantha Crowe
•Alissa Phillips (FYA Social Innovator/Project Manager)
•Alex Gibson (FYA Online Communications)

Lauren Johnston
•Alissa Phillips (FYA Social Innovator/Project Manager)
Support Provided Social Media:
Longer-lead time needed
Strategy in place, not fully implemented
Account access – Alex Gibson
Access to technology on event day
Recommendations Biographies:
Administration – all conducted from a gmail account
Lack of technology
Lack of credibility
No comprehensive list, wait-time
Double-handling (doubling up)
Time restraints
Lack of crosschecking
Lack of credibility (communication)
Earlier implementation needed
Utilising current partners
Time in-office
Other commitments
Bios – Delegates asking questions on the day
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