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Information Technology in Police Cars

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Sarah Hill

on 3 June 2011

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Transcript of Information Technology in Police Cars

Information Technology In Police Cars There are 6 Main Technologies in Police cars: #1:Two-way radio
- A radio that can transmit and receive, unlike a broadcast receiver which only receives content.
-Two-way radios are available in:
-mobile, stationary
-hand-held portable configurations (walkie-talkies)
-A two- way radio is one of the most important pieces of equipment in modern law enforcement, and strongly linked with the development of the police car.
-1907 the two-way telegraphy traffic across the Atlantic Ocean was invented.
-1912 commercial and military ships carried transmitters and receivers, so there is now two-way communication with a ship far out on the water.
-The first truly mobile two-way radio was developed in Australia in 1923 by Senior Constable Frederick William Downie he was from the Victorian PoliceDepartment.
-1933-New Jersey police department operated a two-way system between a central fixed station and radio transceivers installed in police cars; this allowed rapidly directing police response in emergencies.
-hand-held radio transceivers were very useful during World War II becasuse they were used by the troops fighting and air force. #2: Mobile data terminal
- Many police cars are fitted with mobile data terminals
- They are a wireless method to the police central computer, and enable the officer to call up information such as vehicle licence details, offender records, etc.
-MDTS are a computerized device used in public transit vehicles, taxicabs,military logistics, fishing fleets, and emergency vehicles to communicate with a central dispatch office.
-They are also used to display mapping and give information that is needed for something the vehicle is doing like safety information, CAD drawings, etc. #3: Evidence gathering CCTV
-Police cars can have video cameras used to record things going on inside and outside the vehicle.
-They also have sound recording devces. #4: Automatic number plate recognition (ANPR)
-This is a computerised system that uses cameras to see the license plates of all vehicles passing by the police vehicle
-It alerts the the police an/woman driving if the car is on a 'watch list' as being stolen, used in crime, or having not paid vehicle duty.
-The ANPR was invented in 1976 at the Police Scientific Development Branch in the United Kingdom.
- 1979 all prototype systems were working, and contracts were let to produce industrial systems.
-The first arrest that happened throguh this devide was a stolen car in 1981. #5: Speed recognition device
-Police cars have devices to measure the speed of vehicles being followed
-It is done through following a vehicle between two points a set distance apart.
-It is likely to be handheld, and not attached to the vehicle. #6: Remote rear door locking
- This enables police officers driving to remotely control the back seat/door locks
-Usually used when there is a passenger in the back #7: Runlock
-Allows the police car's engine to be left running without any keys in the ignition.
-This device prevents battery drainso that the extra battery can be used at a crime scene for example.
- If the keys aren't put back in, the engine will autmatically switch off if the handbrake is disengaged or the footbrake is activated. Pros:
-They are a very quick and easy way to keep in contact with other people- if there is something a police officer is needed for something, they can be contacted very fast which is very important in the police force.
- police officers can reach other officers or other 911 sectors- This is important when they need help or are in trouble, for example, if there is a builidiong on fire they will need to get in touch with the firwe department and ambulances. Pros:
- They help police officers find information on passing cars and other vehicles like if they were stolen- this is very important because it can help solve different crimes
- Can show information on a driver based on their license- if they have committed crime-m this wuill help find criminals who are dangerous Cons:
- expensive- When a piece of equipement is very expensive it will be hard to replace and keep up when there is a change or update in it's system.
- time-consuming to implement- Police officers need their devices to quick and easy to use so if it is taking to long to load or to use the information it is given, that could be dangerous because police officers are always doing something important and need a fast acting solution.
- unreliable- It can be very dangeruous for police officers if they are depending on a piece of their euipement and the device doesn't work the outcome of it's unreliability could be very bad depending on the situation.
1- Have a find raiser to raise money for the device
2- The inventors of this device could think of a way o make it less time consuming and easy to use ex.: voice activated and if internet is needed, for it to be wireless Cons:
- Two way radios can go out of range- This could be extremely dangerous if there is danger or a police officer is needed or needs something and can't get in contact because there are no channels available.
- voices can be muffled- If a police officer misunderstands something and acts on it, it could result in something very unfortunate happenning.

1- Getting a wider ranged radio depending on where you will be or have an emergency channel that no matter where you are will always work. For example they could have a satellite phone.
2- There are different devices or radios that have two speakers int he radio to ensure the voice clarity: The Motorola APX7000 Two way radio
3- To ensure that they are always working to their best ability you could get them checked every so often and if they are battery ran, always have batteries at hand or get a different type of two way radio that is solar powered or a chargeable one. Pros:
-They can be used in a courtroom to show if a witness is lying or telling the truth
-If there has been an accident near one of the cameras and it was unclear what happened, it will have been caught on tape so that authroities and the victims know what happened for sure.
- There are not many ons for this device because it is used with care and is checked regularily and helps the ploice force to solve crimes and other issues. Cons:
- It can invade people's privacy because it records what their conversations are so people might feel like there is no private place where you can talk without something listenning
1-Police forces could keep them on the inside of the car so that they don't invade people's privacy. Pros:
-Systems use infrared lighting so the camera can take pictures at any time
of the day
-the machine reports data, date, time, speed measurement and license plate - this device records a photo of the event for further proof Cons:
-known to incorrectly charge a vehicle owner- if a person is incorrectly charged and has to undergo criminal treatment, they could potentially sue thye police officer or police force.
-Improvements in technology have drastically decreased error rates, but false accusations are still frequent enough to be a problem.
-Blurry images-motion blur- this is a concern because when this device is being used police officers need it to be sharp and functioning so they can catch suspects.
1- Vehicle owners could have a certain code or pin on their driver's license that identifies them so that they can ensure to not be mistaken for a criminal.
2-the Police Scientific Development Branch in the UK could try to improve certain aspects of the device to improve the technology.
3- When the Police Scientific Development Branch in the UK could also try to add in a motion camera so that there is no more blur. Pros:
- Police officers can catch people who are speeding and pull them over and know how much to fine tehm based ont heir speed recognition device
- Because this device catches reckless drivers, police officers could potenitally catch drunk drivers before they get into an accident and hurt themselves or other people. Cons:
- If the speed recognition is not funtioning properly then it falsely put someone over the speed limit which can lead to a conflict
1- Police forces should make sure to check all their equipement before use to ennsure that it is in perfect condition. Pros:
- If there is a criminal being arrested and they are put in the back of the car, they can lock the back seat and it cannot be unlocked unless it's the driver's seat (police officer's seat) that is unlocking it. Cons:
- If the remote lock in the car isn't working someone could get locked in the back and won't be able to get out because there is a screen between the front and the back seats.
1- Police officers should have an emergency key so that they can open the back doors if the remote locks don't work. Before the fancy and high technology devices were added into police cars, they were nothing more than wagons that took police officers from place to place.
Around the 1920s-1930s police forces used motorcycles on a regular basis long before they used cars, because automobiles were more expensive. The increased dependancy on police cars first started when there were more and more stolen cars and criminals driving around in them.
In the 1920s and '30s, police departments realised using a car and a radio, one officer could cover a much larger territory, than many on motorcycles. As you can see from this, police cars are very much more complex than a normal car. They have so many different devices that keep our world safe, from inside a car. Thank you! :)
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