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Grade 3-5 Memories

No description

Helen Mak

on 19 September 2018

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Transcript of Grade 3-5 Memories

Grade 3-5 Memories
Grade 3 Memories
Grade 4 Memories
Grade 5 Memories
Class of Grade 3
Class of Grade 4
Class of 5.1
Class of 5.2
Grade 3 Talent Show
Grade 4 Assembly
Field Trip
Service Week
Grade 5 Memories and Quotes
I felt nervous when I first came to SPH. However, the teachers taught us very well and there were so many good friends! I had lots of good experience with them.
It was just okay, I just got a bit scared.
The whole school was a building so I thought we could use the lift but we couldn't.. but otherwise it was very good!
When I first came to this school I felt very scared and worried because I'm new and I don't know the students ,but it was very fun going to this school.
- Sam (Hyun Jae Kim)
Grade 4 Memories and Quotes
Grade 3 Memories and Quotes
Grade 3 was really fun because there weren't a lot of students back then. I remember when I first came into school and it still smelled like paint and construction. I remember taking time to decorate the walls.
I remember when we went to Kidzania with my best friend. We had a really fun time, we made bread and pizza. It was really fun
I remember how the 4-7 floors were so empty and deserted.
When I first came to SPH I was really nervous ,but there were some people who came to me and they became my best friend because they were nice and friendly.
Grade 5 was great! We had fun learning together with Ms Lindsey. Not only did I learn educationally, but I also learned more about God.
I really enjoyed my first day of school. I met new friends and it was a totally new environment compared to SPH Karawaci.
- Helen Patricia Mak
When I first came to the school, I was really nervous, like my mind was all blank but it was great!
When it was my first day in SPH I didn't speak a lot. I only speak to my sister since I don't know that much English. The good times I had was with my friends and playing soccer with the boys in Gr 4.
- Francine Bacud
In my first day of school, I didn't realy talk to anybody but my sister. I felt lonely when I saw everybody had a friend. I was also a bit lonely because the person that was supposed to show me around didn't even do anything, but I learned more about God!
- Francelle Bacud
Kim, Hyun Su
Jason Daniel Krickelberg
Rio McKen
Stephen Aditya
Helen Patricia Mak
Andrea Abigail Purba
Maria Abigail Effendi
Jonathan Rusli
Rie Djaja
Francine J. C. Bacud
Francelle J. C. Bacud
Chloe Nicole Tan
Charmain Tsoi
Aurelee Bernadette
When I first came to school I felt a little bit lonely. The school was very new to me but later it was fun. Meeting new friends knowing Christ.

I miss you guys!!!
I wish I was there
Ho Jung
Sung Bin Bae
Nicole Dougerpoulos
Jihwan Shin
It was awesome!
Wax Museum

It's really fun going to this school. Mrs. Hilary was really nice.
Casey Quinn Weller
Casey Quinn Weller
Seong Ik Cho
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