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No description

Amara Stokes

on 20 May 2011

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Transcript of Ruined

Ruined By Paula Morris http://www.blinkx.com/watch-video/teen-ghost-haunts-new-orleans-ruined-by-paula-morris/qjiren3NChK_h6sbH7VN5g Summary About the Author Paula Morris, a novelist and short story writer of English and Maori descent, was born in New Zealand. For nearly ten years she worked in the record business in London and New York. In 2010, after six years in New Orleans, where she taught creative writing at Tulane University, she moved to Glasgow, Scotland. She now teaches at the University of Stirling.

Paula's first novel, Queen of Beauty, won best first work of fiction at the 2003 Montana New Zealand Book Awards. Hibiscus Coast, an absolute thriller set in Auckland and Shanghai, was published in 2005 and has been optioned for film. Her third novel, Trendy But Casual, a comedy set in New York, was published by Penguin New Zealand in 2005. Paula is also the editor of The Penguin Book of Contemporary New Zealand Short Stories.

Paula's first short story collection, Forbidden Cities, was a regional finalist in the 2009 Commonwealth Writers' Prize.

Ruined, her first young adult novel, was published by Scholastic US in 2009. A mystery with a supernatural twist, set in post-Katrina New Orleans, Ruined has also been optioned for film. Characters Rebecca: lonely, confused teenage girl
Lisette: ghost, Rebecca's best friend
Anton Grey: hot guy from school that Rebecca has a crush on
Aunt Claudia: Rebecca's dad's close friend
Aurelia: Aunt Claudia's daughter, Rebecca's friend Paula Morris Reflections Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed this novel. The astounding setting descripition placed me in the story. The characters were absoluteley amazing, and I enjoyed the incorporation of romance. This spine-chilling whirl of suspense and emotion was completely remarkable. Bibliography "About the author" 14 May 2011<http://trendybutcasual.typepad.com/about.html> "Author video". 15 May 2011. <http://www.blinkx.com/watch-video/teen-ghost-haunts-new-orleans-ruined-by-paula-morris/qjiren3NChK_h6sbH7VN5g> "Images".14 MAy 2011. <http://www.paula-morris.com>
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