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Argumentative Essay: Op-ed Piece

No description

Sarah Scott

on 21 October 2012

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Transcript of Argumentative Essay: Op-ed Piece

Evidence Your argumentative essay must contain evidence.
Support for your arguments
Examples, facts, expert opinions
Logical and relevant evidence will always support your thesis statement Thesis A sentence in your introduction that presents your opinion and clearly outlines your argument.

A clear thesis statement uses logical reasons to support the writer's opinions

After reading your thesis statement, your audience should know exactly what you're going to be talking about in your paper. No surprises! If it doesn't tie into your thesis, it doesn't belong in your paper. Counterargument A brief argument that attempts to disprove
opposing opinions Vivid, persuasive language NO "DEAD WORDS!"
Finally, an argument essay should conclude, or finish, with a call to action. There are many different types of
Persuasive Writing An argumentative essay is one type. One type of argumentative essay is an opinion editorial or "Op-ed" piece. An argumentative essay is a type of writing that presents a writer's idea or position and then provides evidence to support or prove it. An op-ed piece tries to persuade readers of a newspaper or magazine to agree with the writer's views about an issue that may be in opposition to other's views. An effective argumentative essay has these characteristics: relevant: Closely connected or appropriate to the matter at hand. Consideration of Opposite Views Accurately and honestly considering opposite views and opinions makes your argument stronger. You should address opposite views at least once in your body paragraph. Put them to rest! will help you appeal to your audience Call to Action A challenge given to your audience. Asking them to take an action and do something about the issue is a strong way to conclude your argument. Op-Ed Piece:
Local BMX Riders Need Our Support Work with your partner to identify:
Thesis statement
Evidence. What types of evidence is the author using? Include 3 specific quotes from the text.
Consideration of opposite views Each of you needs to turn in your own piece of paper. I expect you to use complete sentences and answer with quotes from the text.
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