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Nonprofit Accountability & Transparency

Charities Review Council presentation for Metro State (11/26/2013)

Jenna Salinas

on 26 November 2013

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Transcript of Nonprofit Accountability & Transparency

Nonprofit Accountability
& Transparency

Charities Review Council
Who are you?
Mobilize informed donors and accountable nonprofits for the greater good.
Accountability Standards
Public Disclosure
Financial Activity
Effective use of funds is necessary
for financial health and stability.
Transparency builds trust.
Sound practices lead to an ethical
& effective governing body.
Ethical practices ensure
information security & privacy.
The single greatest threat to charities from effectively serving their communities is the loss of public confidence.
Annual Reporting
Measuring impact
Financial Transparency
Legal Compliance
Public Disclosure Standards
Governance Standards
Regular board meetings (at least 4)
Monitor Mission & Strategy
Assess Diversity
Orient new members and enforce term limits
Serve without compensation & Separation of Roles
Annual self-assessment and assessment of ED/CEO
Annual review of tax filing
Periodic review of Governing Documents
Conflict of Interest, Whistleblower & Document Retention policies
Financial Activity Standards
Timely budget approval & regular review of financials
Appropriate use of funds
Financially "healthy"
Balanced Reserves
Do not provide loans to Directors
Reimbursement Policy
Fundraising Standards
Proper disclosures
Procedure to protect donor information
Donor Privacy policy
Use registered professional fundraisers
Accountability Wizard
Online Assessment
Pay enrollment fee
Upload Documents
Answer Questions
Technical Assistance
Resources embedded in Wizard
Sample Policies & Documents
Staff Available for guidance
Meet All Standards
Council verifies assessment
Preliminary Results provided
Opportunity to address unmet standards
About the Council
Nonprofit founded in 1946
Resources for Donors to support smart giving
Tools for Nonprofits to support Accountability & Transparency
Accountability Standards
Accountability Wizard Review for nonprofits
List of "Most Trustworthy Nonprofits" for donors
Jenna Salinas
Nonprofit Services Manager
Updated 2009;
Rolling review to keep Standards current
How is the Council different?
Why is nonprofit accountability & transparency important to the public?

How do accountable & transparent practices benefit nonprofits?
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