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I-Search Inquiry Process

No description

Jennifer Shaw

on 8 March 2013

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Transcript of I-Search Inquiry Process

I-Search Inquiry Process The Alexander Shaw Middle School Your Librarians, Jordan and Jennifer, would like to welcome the 2014 teaching staff of the Alexander Shaw Middle School to a demonstration of the I-Search Inquiry Process. What is I-Search? Benefits of I-Search and why it is the best inquiry based research method for our school. Sample Project I-Search is easily adaptable to multiple presentation formats Your librarians can help you and your students choose different web 2.0 tools to use for the presentations. Some suggested Web 2.0 Presentation Tools that your Librarians can help with:
Animoto Wordle
Xtranormal Glogster
Cacoo Let's work together using the I-Search Inquiry method I-Search is an inquiry based research process that promotes a more vested interest in the student by allowing them to choose the topics that they want to learn more about. Students deliver the information in the first person further strengthing the students connection to the topic.
Students personalize their I-Search and proceed through the steps using the four primary I-Search questions:
•What do I want to know?
•Where can I find the answers?
•How will I record the information that I find?
•How will I show what I learned?
(Bowen, Carol) Flow Chart adapted from the I-Search Unit

(I-Search Unit) How do I get my students to be excited about their research topic? Flow chart created using Cacoo, benefits video created in Animoto, sample project created using PowerPoint.
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