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Betrayal in Julius Caesar

Bennett Allen. Thomas Pippin

Bennett Allen

on 16 January 2013

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Transcript of Betrayal in Julius Caesar

in Julius Caesar Thomas Pippin
Bennett Allen Cassius Cassius was jealous of Caesar's power and tried to convince the people that Caesar was more of a dictator then an emperor. He pretended to be acting for the people, and that convinced Brutus, who Caesar trusted, to be part of the plot to assassinate him. After killing caesar he tries to stage a full rebellion, but the army is too strong. Rather than surrender and be taken prisoner he chooses to commit suicide by his friends sword. Introduction Caesar: The Betrayed Julius Caesar is beloved by the people, so much so that they are willing to give up democracy in favor of making him king. Although he refuses the crown 3 times in public, in the end he plans to accept it and become King. However the conspirators kill him before he has a chance to accept it. No one knows how he would have been as a king, but now it is lost to the world. Marc Anthony Marc Antony did not betray Caesar, like brutus and Cassius. He believed himself to be Caesar's true friend. He did; however, betray Brutus, after Brutus gave his speech Marc Antony delivered a speech of his own. His speech was not to calm down the crowd, soon to be mob, he roused them back up. He betrayed Brutus who trusted him to just give the mob Caesar's funeral speech, but instead turned the crowd against Brutis. Conclusion Whether betraying, or betrayed Brutus, Cassius, Caesar, and Marc Antony all played a role in the main theme of betrayal. This is also what helps to keep the audience interested, it makes them wonder what will become, because of this action. This also helps the book to continue to contribute to today's culture. Brutus Brutus once considered himself Caesar's best friend. However Brutus is manipulated by Cassius to believe that what he is doing is best for the people. After slaying Caesar he speaks to the people to try to calm the anger over the death of their emperor, although he loses the crowd to Marc Anthony. He realizes his mistake too late, and the guilt leads him to a honorable to death by suicide. In William Shakespeare's Julius Caesar the major idea of the story is the Betrayal of Caesar by Brutus, once thought to be Caesars closest friend. This theme makes the play a tragedy. We will look at the motivations behind the actions of the murderers, as well as the actions of Caesar and his Advisor Marc Anthony.
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