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Persuasive Speech

No description

Sarah Ponto

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of Persuasive Speech

“I want to be able to have intense conversations with my offspring...” “So I terminated the pregnancy when I found out that my child would most likely have Down syndrome.” 1. Three different tests a woman can take while pregnant, to see if the child has birth defects.
2. about autism and Down syndrome.
3. experiences I had with children with these disorders.
Three tests Alpha-fetoprotein screening Amniocentesis -done around 16th week -long needle to extract fluid from the womb. -from 1 in 200-500 babie are born prematurely -increases risks of miscarriage Chorionic Villus sampling What these tests find Autism Down's syndrome -trisomy 21 -affects about 1 in 800 babies -noticeable physical characteristics My personal experiences working with austistic and Down's syndrome children -I vonlunteered 3 times a week at an elementary school -symptoms show around the age of three -8.7 of every 1000 children - Nick Why not take these tests -they could cause more defects to the child -intelligent
-have chances to be high functioning. -10% of children with autism have "extreme gifts" -also known as AFP -AFP checks for any nuerological birth defects -Very few women with elevated AFP levels are found to have babies with birth defects -This test has more of an increased risk of miscarriage than an amniocentesis test -find signs of autism and down's syndrome,but also determine the future of these childrens lives -Why take away a life of a child that can better you as a person? we have covered 1. three tests, and why not to take them.
2. about autism and Down syndrome.
3. my experiences “To see a world through eyes that doesn’t judge. To love with hearts that do not discriminate. To look at people for who they are and accept them for simply that. This is how children and adults with Down syndrome see the world. They love. They feel. Unconditionally. They are role models and all the inspiration everyone needs.”
-Nancy Giani -"American Idols"
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