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A guide to Buddy :)

No description

Tess Goodwin

on 17 May 2010

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Transcript of A guide to Buddy :)

A guide to Buddy :) Who is Buddy??? The Budster is a 12.2hh welsh c pony. So he's 127 cm. Or if you want to be difficult then he's 50 inches!!! But basically he's.... Small!!! I bought him when he was a 4 year old and he was a little bit stupid!!! But since then he has come on... He is liver chesnut :) It's a choclatey colour :P His breeders name is Glynwyn Real Buddy <<< not that great!!! So when we go to shows we call him... udding Star :D Leaps What is he good at? Well he loves to jump <3 We do mounted games which he looooovess :D But most of all he loves to have a good old gallop He's very good at making me laugh :) and when i'm feeling... lonely :( i can count on him to cheer me up :) and bounds :D
and he loves to do x-country (: pahaha the stupiddd ponyyy has badd hairr :L but the thing he's best at over anything else is being my babyy boy :) What sort of personality does he have?(: Well he's a bit of a show off ;) and he knows full well when he's won - vainn ponyyy he's a bit bossy, and thinks he's in charge of everyone! look at him chasing archiee :L oh and he thinks everyone fanciess him ----> right ladies man XD but he's very loveablee <3 he can be anyones Buddyyy (: you should seriously think about getting one ;) hint, hint: he's for sale - my marketing skills aren't that greatt (: but he's the bestttt (: xxxxx
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