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Jessica Porterfield

on 25 October 2014

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Transcript of THEME

How do I find
the theme of
a story?



We will read the text "Wilma Unlimited". Then you will practice with your desk partner. Can you use an organizer to find the theme? You can fill out one organizer together.
What is a theme
in literacy?

THE MEssage
What is the lesson that you have learned and apply in your everyday life?
Theme is the
central idea of
a story. You
can apply it
in real life.
The theme may or may not be directly stated. Often you have to infer the theme!
Look for repetition of ideas, events, or phrases.
Pay attention to YOUR reaction to the characters and events of the story.
Look at all events separately.
What links to what? How are they linked? Why do they link?
Think GLOBALLY! Look beyond just the characters...what happens in the big picture???
A student who doesn’t understand theme will fixate on story level events. For example, “Tim shouldn’t steal.” While this response demonstrates comprehension of the text, it doesn’t show higher order thinking. The student is stuck in the small world of the story and needs to take the mental jump to the big world idea.
A student who understands the concept of theme is likely to give a response like, “The lesson of the story is that if you want something, you should work for it.”
Tim hated his old baseball glove. He wanted to play with a new glove, but he didn’t have any money, so he decided to steal it. But when Tim got caught stealing the glove, his parents said he couldn’t play baseball all summer.
Characters learn to do "the right thing" and be responsible.
Characters do not give up even when faced with difficult times.
Friendly characters are generous and considerate of others.
Characters want to make those who are suffering feel better.
Characters are brave and have the strength to overcome a fear or accept a risk.
Characters respect & accept others' differences and beliefs
Characters trust each other and are loyal to one another.
Characters find out
it is always best to
tell the
Characters work together to achieve a goal or complete a task.
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