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Assignment 4.1

No description

Matt Cannon

on 3 December 2013

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Transcript of Assignment 4.1

Assignment 4.1
Titration Lesson

Calculating the number of moles
Titration to discover the concentration of chloride ions in sea water
Objective 1: Pass task. You need to complete the titration and three of your resultant titrations must be within 0.2 cm of each other.

Objective 2: This ties in with the merit part of your assignment, each step of the practical has steps you take to ensure accuracy as you are going along with the practical you need to identify these, space is provided on the lab script
Objective 3: This is related to the distinction part of your assignment. After you have identified the steps taken to ensure accuracy you now need to
what would happen to your end result if these steps weren't taken!
0.03 moles
0.0183 moles
0.13175 moles
0.000136 moles
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