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UWC Alumni Relations Strategy

No description

Polly Akhurst

on 10 October 2014

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Transcript of UWC Alumni Relations Strategy

Working together - UWC Alumni Relations
Working together
- We want to involve YOU as much as possible! (In a time-friendly way!)

Three working groups. To help develop and advise on projects in key areas:

- Impact

- Technology

- Sharing best practice

Where are we?
Making it a reality
Achievements to date... .

UWC Day 2013

4,500 + total participants

‘UWC Day provided an opportunity to go beyond our selection duties and have further impact, on a small and manageable scale. Thanks for coming up with the idea and providing the support to make it happen! - Nadine Souto, UWC Venezuela’
We feel that we have just started and we have many more things to do! - Angie Foteinou-Panagiotopoulou, UWC Greece
UWC-wide events
June 2013 - UWC Alumni event in Toronto, 95 alumni present

September 2013 - Pop-up UWC event, 70 alumni present

October 2013 - UWC Forum, London, 300 + alumni present

Biannual event - UWC Open House (June 2013, December 2013 date TBC)

Strategic vision: Alumni live and demonstrate the UWC mission and values. By doing so, and by staying engaged in the movement, alumni contribute to UWC’s overall success and sustainability
Current projects...
Sharing best practice
- Using consultations from March/April 2013 to currently compiling best practice framework for AR: both for schools and colleges and NCs

- NC best practice to be integrated into National Committee toolkit (Student and Alumni Engagement section)

- School/college best practice in PDF guide/manual - updated over time

What else would be useful? Possibility of a monthly 'best practice mail out?

Communicating alumni impact
In research phase of more sophisticated platform to demonstrate alumni impact to potential donors.

An intern will be working with us
on this project in the coming

We will be asking for some information to get started!

How can we make this an effective resource for everyone?
What’s the process for updating and adding new information? What is our longer-term strategy for measuring alumni impact?

Connecting alumni through technology

Potential for UWC to become leaders in connectivity through tech!

How can technology streamline current communications between alumni, allowing them to connect based on location, profession, collaboration?

Many alumni have expressed interest in taking this forward.

Setting up a working group involving AR staff and alumni to investigate platforms for connecting.

How do alumni want to connect?
What kind of platform do we need? How can this help to update data? Can you recommend any alumni who can help?

An alumni specific website

A dedicated alumni microsite on UWC website

Initial features:
- Map for finding UWC alumni
groups around the world
- Links to other organisations of
interest to alumni
- Page for schools and colleges
to post volunteer opportunities
available for alumni
- Alumni benefits package?
Possibilities for discounts at Chatham House, the Hub

What else would be helpful to include? Details of contacts at schools and colleges? Events listings?

Further segmentation for alumni
Some insights - alumni
- Strong desire to connect with other alumni - as shown in particular through activity of Mountbatten list, Facebook alumni group, plus emergence of new alumni-run platforms

- Growing sense of being part of a UWC community

- Love of UWC - represented through virality of certain concepts, e.g. One peace - 1,100 + orders to date

- Undertaking research on the impact of the UWC education model is seen as a priority going forward
- Best practice sharing between constituents is seen as very important
- There is a need to increase data on alumni and share amongst constituents
- Many constituents are keen to increase their alumni fundraising capabilities

Some insights - schools and colleges

for schools, colleges, NCs
All constituents have professional
strategies and are successfully achieving goals

Constituents have details of all alumni

Alumni giving rates are in line with Ivy League institutions

Systems are in place to monitor both the impact of the UWC education on current students and alumni, and the impact of alumni, providing data essential to the advancement of the movement

A clear relationship management model is in place, whereby information is shared between UWC constituents for maximum professionalism, organisation and impact

I measure my achievements against the UWC values and I automatically contact UWC constituents about my successes and projects

I know whether it’s most appropriate to contact NCs, Colleges or the IO

I feel valued by UWC

for alumni
My UWC experience wasn’t just 2 years; it’s lifelong
I frequently mention UWC to others and often attribute
it to shaping my life and choices

I can identify and reach out to other UWC
alumni across colleges and ages to achieve common goals

I am happy to donate to UWC
because I am confident in its impact

- Implement a set of best practices and agreed minimum standards across schools and colleges and national committees

- Establish the IO as an idea sharing, information sharing and professional development hub for UWC Alumni Relations professionals

- Gain a greater understanding of the UWC alumni demographic

- Strengthen alumni engagement and networks and provide tools to facilitate living the UWC mission and values

- Understand, measure and articulate UWC’s impact through its alumni

- Linked to the question of what do alumni want?
- I heart UWC logo successful
- UWC Twitter account useful for sharing alumni success stories and creating new partnerships
- UWC gift shop?

Other ideas?
The dream
Alumni engagement is viewed as key way to increase capacity and professionalism across the movement
Points of clarification
- UWC IO does not seek to replace alumni allegiances
- Schools and colleges to continue to be the primary relationship managers for alumni
- UWCIO seeks to add value to your own alumni relations by introducing a UWC-wide element that all constituents can engage in and tailor for their own benefit. E.g. UWC Day
- We are here to help!


2,000 + alumni engaged
participation of all 12 schools and colleges
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