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Changes in United States Domestic Policy after 9/11

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Lucy Papachristou

on 11 October 2013

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Transcript of Changes in United States Domestic Policy after 9/11

Changes in United States Domestic Policy after 9/11
Effects on Civil Liberties
Transportation Security Administration given increased power at airports
Response to Domestic Dissent
Congressional Action
USA Patriot Act

Roving Wiretapping

Library Records Provision
"Lone Wolf" Terrorists
Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency creates "Total Information Awareness, " which records and analyzes all digital information produced in the United States.
National Security Agency conducts surveillance on American citizens through wiretapping and inspection of Internet and phone history.
FISA Amendments
Wiretapping, Internet, phone calls, text messages, and emails
Effects on Immigration
People of Arab and/or Muslim descent
Terrorist Screening Center created the "No Fly List"
INS created the "National Security Entry-Exit Registration System" and tightened border control
National and local governments crack down
on anti-government, anti-establishment,
or pro-civil liberties protests and rallies,
most notably the Occupy Movement

Founding of Guantanamo Bay Detention Center in 2001 (1,200+ Arab and/or Muslim non-citizen placed in detention centers a few months after 9/11)
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