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Our Survival; Group #1

No description

Rena Cohen

on 20 September 2013

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Transcript of Our Survival; Group #1

Our Survival; Group #1
-The twelve boys harvest and eat a lot of fruit, such as mangoes, coconuts, and and bananas. They also dry some of this fruit for months when it is not growing
-The boys also eat some meat from small animals that they have captured and killed such as birds and rodents. Occasionally, they are also able to capture a wild boar by making traps out of vines.
-Sometimes, the boys try to gather eggs from seabirds, which they can cook over the fire.
Coconuts are extremely important because they give coconut water. The coconut water is an essential part for hydration because there is no freshwater on our island. To get the coconut water we would saw the coconut in half with the swiss army knife.
-The twelve boys on our island follow a direct democracy. They vote on almost every issue/problem.
-In times of emergency, the boys follow a leader who was previously voted on.
-The laws that the island's inhabitants would follow are very simple. They are mostly about food, how to treat treat others, and job distribution. Above all, EVERYONE IS EQUAL
-Jobs are assigned based on an individual's interests/passions. They include hunting, gathering fruit, tending the fire, making tools, building, and exploring the island
Fire and Tools
For one of our first tools we will make a simple wooden stake, and no not the type that you eat. The type the we would widdle with our Swiss army knife.
We can also use the skin to make clothing to we don't get too cold, and freeze to death.
We can use the bones to make more tools, such as knives to hunt more animals to get food.
We can use our spears to hunt the fish in the water, and then we can cook the fish over a fire.
The fire can be created by rolling sticks or rocks together over leaves to create a spark that leads to a fire.
-To start out with, we would build a couple of simple lean-to's. These would provide basic protection from animals and weather
-After building the lean-to's, we would look for caves in the mountainous area. We could use caves as a safer, back-up shelter in case of a serious problem

By Caitlin, Rena, Brian, Steven, and Josh
A few examples of lean-to's
Here are some
examples of tools
We will survive on our island by treating everyone equally, working together, and keeping an orderly system of life even when it is difficult
Thanks for listening!
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