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Cold War

No description

Gian Clerici

on 27 March 2015

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Transcript of Cold War

But no, it was an invasion
from the USA against Cuba
which failed.
(Allies eating up Germany's territory).
Tensions and arguments soon
caused Communists and
Capitalists to separate Europe
with an imaginary
"Iron Curtain".
(Stripping Germany of their army).
(Breaking up Germany into small pieces).
The Marshall Plan
was a huge loan
investment used
to give Europe
money and rebuild their countries.
The goals of the
United States were to
rebuild a war-devastated
Russia was offered aid,
but the Americans wanted to
control how
the money was spent.
Not very surprisingly,
the Russians
refused Marshall aid.
Americans created the U-2, a
spyplane that soared up 13 miles,
way too high for Russians
fighter planes to attack them.
The U-2 could pick an object
the size of a baseball from 23
kilometers high.

This did not suit the
Communists, that wanted
Communism to prevail
over Capitalism.
The Mar
hall Plan
There were two
types of spies;
agents and
Illegals were spies that
pretended to be citizens of
some country whilst spying
against them.
To make a long
story short...
The mayority of illegals recruited agents to do their dirty work.
Agents were traitors, citizens of a country that spied against it.
They were usually blackmailed into spying by illegals because they had found something bad or embarassing about them.
Missile Crisis
The Cold War
At the end of the
second world war various points were left pending,
amongst others :
No vamo a llegar a nada
The future of
Germany after it's
What would they do with it?
With the USA use of the atomic bomb
against Japan, the Soviet Union expected
the USA to share the technology and when
they didn’t this became a big tension point
between the powers. This had seriously
disturbed the balance of power in favour
of the United States.
The Iron Curtain
(24 June 1948 – 12 May 1949)
When Germany surrendered it was broken into four bits. West was Capitalist divided into French,English and USA. The East was Communist under Soviet rule.
At the beginning of the 60´s
Cuba allied itself publicly
with the Soviet Union.
When USA acknowledged this, they
ended all diplomatic and
Consular relations with Cuba.

Khrushchev accepted and took the missiles out of Cuba.
October 1962
Bay of Pigs
From the title you may
think that there
is a bay full of pigs...
The Bay of Pigs
was an unsuccessful
invasion from the
USA against Cuba wanting to overthrow Castro´s Communist Government.
There were about
1,300 Cuban exiles who had been living in the USA and internalised Capitalist ideals. They wanted to reach
Havana (Cuba´s capital
city) intending to overthrow the Communist Government.
As a result of the attack of these 1,300 exiles, 90 were killed and the rest were kept as political prisoners.
25 June 1950 – 27 July 1953
The Korean War was a civil war between the Republic of Korea (supported by the USA and the United Nations) and the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (supported by the People's Republic of China and the USSR).

Korea was formerly occupied by the Empire of Japan, but following Japan’s surrender, after the detonation of the atomic bombs it passed into Russian and USA hands.

The northern half was occupied by the Soviets, who imposed a Communist rule, while the Americans had established a Capitalist one in the south.
Although several peace pacts were attempted, in the end, violence exploded and Northern Korea state invaded the South.
However, the United States quickly retaliated and had the Soviets thrown out of their state, and began pushing forward into Soviet territory.
It did not last long and as soon the Chinese joined the Soviets they pushed the Americans out of their territory.
Kennedy told Khrushchev that the USA would not invade Cuba if they took the missiles away.
The people in USA were scared (as was the rest of the world) that the missiles would exterminate them.
Kennedy sent a U2 to see what was happening in Cuba.
The evidence reached USA and this was unmistakable. There were missile installations in Cuba.
Berlin was also divided
There were rumours that there were Soviet missile installations in Cuba.
Kennedy made a public speech announcing to the American people there were Soviet missile installations in Cuba.
John F. Kennedy was the President of the USA between January 1961 until November 1963, when he was murdered. Kennedy as President was involved in many conflicts between the USA and Cuba: The Cuban Missile Crisis and the Civil Rights Movement (where Martin Luther King acted against the slavery).
cuban part
Nikita Khrushchev was the leader of the Soviet Union between 1953 and 1964. He was the one who decided to put, or not, the missiles on Cuba against the USA. Communist Russia was allied with Cuba.
Between these two powers there was a psychological war which left the rest of the of the world in fear of an atomic bomb.
Pushed USA out
from Korea´s territory.
The Apollo 11 was the first landing spacecraft on the moon in history.
It was launched by the USA, with three astronauts aboard:
Neil Armstong
Michael Collins
Buzz Aldrin
Would this be the German Army?
And prevent the
spread of Communism.

K rean War
Rebuild them.
Remove trade

Remove them.
Modernise industry.
They wanted the industry
to be like this.

They wanted to make Europe rich again.

Mikhail Gorbachev was the last head of state of the Soviet Union, and signed with President Ronald Reagan USA several key agreements to reduce nuclear risk.
Gorbachev began the process of change - which later was called Perestroika, the transformation of Soviet society and nation. Gorvachev played a central role in the end of The Cold War. Finally this pointlessly, threatening and stupid war ended.
In recognition of his outstanding work as a reformer and political leader Gorvachev was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1990.
Mikhail Gorvachev
(This presentation is a BIT TOO long. Next time we will do it shorter by putting more photos reflecting the same things as we put in words).
In 1986, in Reykjavik, Iceland, both were about to enter discussions and set the stage for the development of a treaty that would eliminate their arsenals of nuclear weapons altogether.
There are many people who believe the first landing in the moon was false. There is a great deal of evidence to prove this, however, many people think it was a hoax made by jealous Russians.
Here we come to the
point of the Cold War and what would later be known as M.A.D.
M.A.D meant:
I dunno, I thought

eath power was closer....anyway it was known as Mutual Assured Destruction because if one power pressed the bomb button, then the other would press his and both would be exterminated.
No stars. Strange...
The rock has a letter "C"
The flag is flapping.
There is no wind on the moon...
There are also strange videos like this one...
This suggests that he is not confident enough to swear that he went to the moon.
Why would he refuse so stubbornly
to swear he was on the moon if he really was there?
In the following interview after they had
returned from the moon
you can notice how nervous they
are and how they avoid eye
contact with the camera...As if they were guilty about something...
Russia was years ahead
of the USA when it came to space research, and the only way the USA could jump ahead of them was putting a man on the moon.
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