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Kellin Quinn from Sleeping With Sirens

This is form my reading class.

Jessica Maisonet

on 25 January 2013

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Transcript of Kellin Quinn from Sleeping With Sirens

Lead singer form
Sleeping with Sirens Kellin Quinn Question 1 Question 5 Any previous jobs ...? When and were was he born...? Kellin Quinn was born April 24th 1986 in Medford,oregon. Question 2 What are his parent's names...? His parents names are mary and jeuse. Question3 How manny siblings...? He does not have any. Educational background...? could not find any information about his educational background. Question 4 He did not have any other jobs Question 6 When and how did he die...? He's not dead yet. Thank god. ^.^ Question 7 Were they married and to whom...? Yes he is married and to Katelyn Quinn. Question 8 Any children...? Yes his new baby girl Copeland Quinn. This is her ----> Question 9 Tragic events in their life...? His parents put him down all the time by telling him that he was going to go nowhere in life, and because of that he became depressed and hated his life. But when he was in high school he meet his high school sweet heart and she changed his life soon after high school got married to her and started his band Sleeping With Sirens. Question 10 What drove them to paint ...? He doesn't paint but he beatboxs. c: Question 11 Where did he live throughout his life..? As a kid he lived in Medford, Oregon but he now lives in Orlando Florida
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