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OS Challenge Presentation.

Stacey Meeks

on 16 April 2010

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Transcript of MAC OS X 2

Bruce Damer holding on of the first Apple Computers The Mac OS has been Apples primary operating system since 1984 with Mac OS 9 being it's final "classic" version and Mac OS X being it's newest. It has been considered one of the first affordable personal computers with a graphical user interface, even though Apple only accounts for a small percentage of personal computer sales in the United States. The built-in multimedia hardware and software for the Mac operating system makes component-software issues less likely.
The MAC OS 9 and MAC OS X are the two most distinct Mac operating systems in use. The GUIs in Windows and Mac are basically comparable and will not be unfamiliar to Windows users. The Mac OS X is built on a core operating system known as Darwin, a Unix open source platform operating system, which allows multiple users to carry out multiple processes on interconnected computers. Unix is a term used to describe any operating system that conforms to Unix standards, which means, the core Operating System operates similarly to the original Unix Operating System. The Mac Os X was designed for portability, multitasking, multiusers, and excellent security features, which are a multilayered system of defenses. MAC OS X Desktop Windows Desktop The graphical user interface for Mac is known as Aqua.The Mac OS X is used more by those who need good multimedia and graphics, and is known for being easy to use.All Macs now ship with Ethernet, FireWire, and USB ports and are AirPort ready. The Mac OS X has been sold by Apple since 2002. Starting with the Cheetah version and ending with Snow leopard. Security Features: Sandboxing-Prevents hackers from harming your programs by restricting what actions programs can perform, what files they can access, and what other programs they can launch. Library Randomization-Prevents malicious commands from finding their targets. Executable Disable-Protects the memory in your Mac from attacks. Time Machine Features-From the Command-Line, it prevents files from being deleted from Time Machine backup by any user, even one logged in as root user. Mandatory access controls are integrated with the exec system service to prevent the execution of applications that are not authorized. Apple built the foundation of the Mac OS X and many of it's integrated services with open source software, such as, Free Bsd, Apache, and kerberos. They also work with the incident response community; (FIRST) Firum of Incident Response and Security Teams, and The Free BSD Security to proactively identify and quickly correct Operating System vulnerabilities. Mac OS X can also be bought as a Server System, with the excellent security features, less user intervention, and less compatibility issues it would make sense to buy a Mac. One thing still puzzles me! I still do not understand why the phrase is- "MAC vs. PC" PC stands for Personal Computer! Do you know Why? Cheetah Ver 10.0 Released March 2001 Puma Ver 10.1 Released September 2001 Jaguar Ver 10.2 Released August 2002 Panther Ver 10.3 Released October 2003 Tiger Ver 10.4 Released April 2005 Leopard Ver 10.5 Released October 2007 Snow Leopard Ver 10.6 Released August 2009
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