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Current Event

No description

Aisha Khan

on 28 April 2016

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Transcript of Current Event

National News
International News
A massive fire immersed India's Museum of Natural History in New Delhi.
Officials said the fire started early Tuesday, and destroyed six collections of the country's flora and fauna and other artifacts.
Six firefighters were injured before the blaze was put out.
Authorities said the museum, opened in 1978, is the first and only natural history museum in India
Current Event
Ayesha Khan
Period 4

Tornadoes, large hail strikes Midwestern,
Plain States

There were tornado warnings in Oklahoma and Texas while states like Kansas and Kentucky were getting blasted by thunderstorms, as the radar showed.
At least one tornado was confirmed spotted in Texas -- north of Dallas in Grayson County, according to the National Weather Service.
Earlier, the National Weather Service said one tornado had been spotted Tuesday night about 25 miles west of Bloomington, Indiana, and another was seen to the south in Vanderburgh County.
Fire destorys India's Museum
of National History
Local News
3-Day-Old Baby Killed by Dog
A newborn was killed by the family dog while in the parents' bed Friday morning, San Diego Police confirmed.
The 3-day-old died following the attack in a home on Flanders Drive near Camino Ruiz in the Mira Mesa area.
The mother and father of the newborn were watching television in bed with the baby and the dog
When the mother suddenly coughed, the dog made contact with the baby leading to traumatic injuries.
The parents rushed the newborn to the hospital, but the baby did not survive.
Political News
Donald Trump rolled up victories in
five more states
The New York billionaire scored wins in Pennsylvania, Maryland, Connecticut, Delaware and Rhode Island — all five states that held GOP primary contests Tuesday. It was a dominant performance fueled by support from nearly all ages and education levels.
In a victory speech at Trump Tower, Trump likened the victories to a boxing ring knockout and suggested it was time for his Republican rivals to drop out.
"I consider myself the presumptive nominee," he declared as he pivoted toward a potential general election matchup against Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton.
"She's going to be easy to beat," Trump said, suggesting Clinton's political appeal is based on "the woman card."
"If Hillary Clinton were a man, I don't think she'd get 5 percent of the vote," Trump said.
My Choice
Snake falls from school ceiling, right next to teacher’s desk
An elementary school in Walls, Mississippi, is dealing with a snake problem.
Snakes are infesting Walls Elementary School. One snake even fell from the ceiling, right next to a teacher’s desk.
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