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Copy of Your Dream Came True

The wedding

formosa villamor

on 27 January 2014

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Transcript of Copy of Your Dream Came True

Sonhos de menina
We seek the comfort of another.
Someone to share and share the life we choose.
Someone to help us through the
neverending attempt to understand ourselves.
And in the end,
someone to comfort us along the way.
~ Marlin Finch Lupus ~
Karol Setlak
The couple made to understand that they are indeed the ministers of the sacrament and the priest just confirm this and blesses them before the witnesses
Confirmation of the Marriage Bond
are constant reminders that the power of the holy spirit is in the couple. binded by the love like between father and son, and is present in every marriage as the binding love between human person...
The Arrhae

is a distinctive reminders of the groom's promise to take care of his wife materially. The bride in return, by giving back the coins to his hands, convey that what they both earn become part of each other's. The tricking sound also signifies aboundance and success in the couple's joint efforts...
of the
The groom takes the bride's ring from the priest and ware it on the bride's right ring finger. Then the bride takes the groom's ring from the priest and ware it on the groom's right ring finger.
Then the groom takes the arrhae in his both hands while the bride places her cupped hands under those of the groom. The groom then let the arrhae fall into her hands, saying after the priest. And the bride expressed her deep acceptance. And return it on the tray held by the server...
Blessing of the Arrhae and Rings
Is also called outlay line or price line or factor cost line. An isocost line shows all the combinations of labour and capital that are available for a given total cost to the producer.
Suppose that a producer has a total budget of Rs 120 and and for producing a certain level of output, he has to spend this amount on 2 factors A and B. Price of factors A and B are Rs 15 and Rs. 10 respectively.

The locus traced out by various combinations of L and K, each of which costs the producer the same amount of money (C ) Differentiating equation with respect to L, we have dK/dL = -w/r This gives the slope of the producer’s budget line (isocost curve).
END :)

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