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Chapter 9 safe facilities and Pest Management.

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terrance penny

on 7 April 2015

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Transcript of Chapter 9 safe facilities and Pest Management.

Equipment Selection
Food Service equipment must meet certain standards if coming in contact with food. NSF is a organization that creates standards- equipment requirements- non_absorbent- smooth- corrosion resistant- easy to clean- durable- and resistant to damage
Chapter 9 safe facilities and Pest Management.
Installing and maintaining equipment
Stationary equipment should be easy to clean and clean around.. when installing follow manufactures recommedations.
-also check with your requlatory authority for requuirments, in gengeral stationary
DishWashing Machines
Must be installed so that they are reachable and conveniently located
Use detergents and sanitizers approved by local regulatory authority
Purchase dishwashers that have ability to measures - water- water temp- water pressure- and CLEAN AS OFTEN AS NECESSARY
Information on ventilation
Improves air inside an operation
removes heat/ steam/ smoke/ fumes/ odors/
Interior Requirements for a safe operation.
The materials, equipment and utilities in your operation play a part in keeping food safe. Given apportunity you should choose these items with food safety in mind.
Floors, walls, and ceilings.
choosing flooring ,wall , and ceiling materials, pick those that are smooth and durable must be regularly maintained. And replace any missing or broken.
should be installed as follows-
tabletop 4in high and legs at least 6in high
Should be put into spots to make easy for staff to wash hands often.
-Required in restrooms or directly next to them
-Must have hot and cold running water - soap- paper towels
-Signage- to let you know when to wash hands
Plumbing that is installed correctly can allow drinkable and unsafe water to mix
operations use many utilities and building systems
includes- water- electricity- gas- sewage
Good Lighting makes it easier to clean things in your operation also provides safer enviornment
Approved public water mains and private water source should be regularly tested. water/Plumbing - closed portable water containers - water transport car
Information on garbage removal
Garbage will attract pest if not handled correctly .
-should be removed as soon as possible
-clean inside and outside
-indoor can must be - leak proof/ easy to clean/ covered when not used.
Waste and recyclables must be stored separately from food and contact surfaces
Poor Maintenance can cause food safety problems
Certain crises can an affect safety of food
- power fails
- breakdowns
- temp control

Pest prevention- rules- Deny pest access to operation
- Deny pest food, water , shelter
- work with licensed pest control operation
check all deliveries before they enter your operation
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