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TOK Final Presentation

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Noor Siddiqui

on 20 January 2017

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Transcript of TOK Final Presentation

Decision Making
By: Noor Siddiqui
St. Paul
To what extent does our prior historical knowledge and our emotions lead us to different decision making techniques?
Knowledge Question
A person who is traveling especially for pleasure
Visits many "tourist attractions"
Knowledge is gained through one perspective
Often take guided tours
Consumers interested in social, economic, and environmental sustainability
Seeking authentic local experiences
Knowledge gained through many experiences
Negative Decision Making Techniques
1. Not enough information
2. Too Much Information
3. Too many people
4. Vested Interests
5. Emotional Attachments
6. No emotional Attachments

Positive Decision Making Techniques
1. Listing possible solutions/options
2. Setting a time scale
3. Gather information
4. Weighing up the risks involved
5. Deciding on values
6. Weighing up the pros and cons
7. Making the decision
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