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Cells are Awesome

No description

Brayden McMahon

on 28 January 2015

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Transcript of Cells are Awesome

The cell membrane holds the cells together. It also controls what enters and leaves the cell. This allows the cell to absorb the oxygen, and nutrients it needs to function. The cell membrane protects the cell from the most dangerous chemicals.
Cell Membrane
Cells are Awesome
the nucleus or aka "The Boss" controls everything in the cell. The nucleolus is in the middle of the cell, and it contains the nuclear pore, nucleoplasm, and the nuclear envelope. The nucleus is the brain of the cell.
The Nucleus
The Golgi Apparatus is the post office. The apparatus packages proteins into membranes, and then builds them up making them bigger and stronger. When the packages are ready, the Golgi Apparatus delivers them into the cell. This will help make the cell stronger.
The Golgi Apparatus
The vacuoles are the storage containers. They store food, and water. All plant cells have vacuoles, but not all animal cells do. A plant stores its water in it's vacuoles to give them strength.
The Vacuoles
The mitochondria is the power plant of the cell. It takes food and breaks it apart into water and carbon dioxide. As the food is broken down, it becomes energy for the cell.
the Endoplasmic Reticulum is the transporter. It is like a road, because in cells they have tiny roads in them called Endoplasmic Reticulum. It also can be called a "cellular highway". Some Endoplasmic Reticulum go to different parts of the cell, and carry materials whereever they go.
Endoplasmic Reticulum
Lysosom are the recyclers of the cell. Lysosomes are filled with enzymes that are used to break up and partially digest food. The food particles are broken up in to smaller peaces, which can then be passed on to another organelle called mitochondria.
The cytoplasm is sometimes related to jelly, it holds all the organelles together (small organelles) in place. It also gives it structure. Think of a balloon without air. It has no structure, but it gets structure by adding air.
Ribosomes are like little factories. They use available materials to build proteins. These proteins can then be used by the cell for other purposes, such as to build new structures, repair damage, and direct chemical reactions.
Cell Wall
The cell wall is only in plant cells. Animal cells only have a cell membrane. It is made up of specialized sugars called cellulose. Cellulose provides a protected framework for a plant cell to survive.
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