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Yr9 future tech. project


TanjiIba AnjJumaan

on 5 May 2010

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Transcript of Yr9 future tech. project

Future Tech¬ The Krystall Teckell is an innovative game table design that has been announced to be available in the market soon by the designer. The expert Italian craftsmanship of the designers and the use of high-quality materials have made this design a unique blend of technology and art. By featuring diamond like transparency and extraordinary elegance, Krystall will be able to fulfill the desire of all range of gamers. Moreover, the convenient height and good-grip handles will offer unique playing experience, as well as boost the décor of any interior. The AVA is an innovative touch-phone featuring next generation nano technology to provide users a functional platform of being able to take out the most form a cell phone. This 160mm x 60mm phone with only 7mm thickness can give ultimate convenience of use by featuring two screens to perform various tasks. Aside from the 100mm x 54mm main screen, AVA incorporates an additional 100mm x 90 mm roll out screen that collapse on two inside the phone. To make it even more engaging, all the buttons are equipped with sensors. The semi-round shape along with the glossy metallic finish of the body has given a stylish appearance that can attain everyone’s attention. The Light Form is an innovative lighting concept that allows users to manipulate the object to customize light as their desire. The concept is actually a huge modular surface fitted with lights in different points that can be unveiled through moving the double-color wood surfaces. The dark side of wenge wood is designed so that it can be folded out to open the other side of white European maple, making the surface of the light bigger. This white surface increases the illumination of the electroluminescent film made lights. This concept gives a user the freedom of increasing or decreasing the density of light whichever is most suitable and soothing for him or her. The name Kidget came from Kid + Gadget, which is an educational gadget concept specially designed for kids to learn various things at home or on the go. This multipurpose gadget is a storybook when your kids love to read, while it can also turn into a drawing board or a musical instrument in no time when the kids are in such a mood. This innovative concept eliminates the conventional way of educating children, such as carrying heavy books, buying different items for different purposes. With the convenience of its multi-tasking touch screen, kids will have the freedom to enjoy anything they like. To make carrying the kidget convenient and safe, it comes with a stylish protecting case and a belt attached with it. Kids under 14 years old are the key target user of the concept. FireGuard Robot Makes Firefighting More Efficient Via Various Handy Features
The FireGuard is a firefighter robot concept, designed to eliminate the exposure of firefighters on fire and toxic smoke, and getting killed or injured. An operator, with the help of the built-in cameras and sensors, will send radio-frequency instructions to move the robot to the fire source even in dark smoke and extinguish fire with extinguishing agents from its tanks. Moreover, the sensors can transmit information about any gases or toxic substances inside the fire source. This robotic concept is equipped with a five-star rim engine, making it able to move inside places that are difficult to access like depots of dangerous goods, nuclear power plants or chemical plants. The lightweight construction of FireGuard allows it to move easily and systematically, and uses very small amount of extinguishing agents by featuring a rotating precision spray.
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