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Twilight Themes Thesis Topic

No description

Henry Aronson

on 5 April 2010

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Transcript of Twilight Themes Thesis Topic

Race & Racial Prejudice Class Privilege Atonement and Forgiveness Fear Justice/Injustice Law and Order Victimization Ambiguity Race Class Themes Thesis: Race and racial prejudice is one of the hallmark themes of Anna Deavere Smith’s play Twilight Los Angeles. Topic Sentence #1: The scene “They” exposes the anti-black prejudice of the LAPD as witnessed by the narrator Jason Sanford, a white actor living in Los Angeles. Topic Sentence #2: Another scene that highlights racial prejudice, “My Enemy” highlights anti-Mexican sentiment in the criminal justice and education system. Topic Sentence #3: Reverend Tom Choi’s monologue “I Remember Going” reveals Choi’s fear of anti-Korean prejudice. Thesis: Though race is a major subject in Anna Deavere Smith’s play Twilight Los Angeles, several scenes manifest another significant theme: class issues. Topic Sentence #1: The monologue featuring real estate agent Elaine Young, “Beverly Hills Hotel” portrays how class difference allows some Angelenos to find solace even during the middle of a deadly riot. Topic Sentence #2: “That’s Another Story,” the monologue portraying bookkeeper and accountant Katie Miller, provides testimony that rioting had to do with poverty and want, not simply Black-Korean tension. Topic Sentence #3: Otis Chandler, former editor of the Los Angeles Times and the narrator of the monologue “Something Cooking Here,” claims that the riots occurred in part due to class inequities. Twlilight LA big themes
thesis sentences
topic statements
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