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Gatsby Themes & Symbols

No description

Mary Worrell

on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of Gatsby Themes & Symbols

Themes & Symbols

in The Great Gatsby Loss of the American Dream Money Colors The Upper Class The Green Light Gray = hopelessness, no future, Valley of Ashes White = purity or false purity, goodness Green = money, hope Red = blood, death Yellow = decay, things that go bad, deceit, dishonesty Gold = the show of wealth May represent God peering down on the moral decay of American society. Owl Eyes Valley of Ashes Gatsby's hopes and dreams and thus the American Dream. Disillusionment with the dream Moral decay in society Also themes of Modernism movement! Daisy & Tom represent the old money of East Egg - passed down from generations, inherited. Gatsby represents new money, lacking taste and social graces. East Egg West Egg inconsiderate, used to money appreciative of the new money A hopeless place, caught between Long Island and New York City. The eyes look down upon this valley.
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