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Best and Worst Case Scenarios

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Casey Plummer

on 11 November 2014

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Transcript of Best and Worst Case Scenarios

Best and Worst Case Scenarios
Class Management
Time Management
Technology Management
Best Case Scenario:
Worst Case Scenario:
The students storm into the gym. Some are sitting on the bleachers, while others are running around the gym. There are a group of kids playing monkey in the middle with another kid's P.E. bag. It is extremely loud in the gym. The whistle is blown numerous times before the students assemble near their lines. Some are grouped together still talking. The students waste time in the locker room. During stretches, they are loud and only a few are in their designated spot. Half the class did not dress out and are having to walk during the activity.
Best Case Scenario
The core teachers bring the students to electives a minute or two before class is to start. Students are ushered into the locker room and complete stretches in a timely manner. There is at least twenty minutes or more for the planned activity. Students have enough time to dress back out, and are lined up by the end of class. At the end of class, students exit the gym and head to their next elective.
Worst Case Scenario
The core teachers bring the students to electives late. The students are allowed to straggle in and out the locker room. Stretches start late and the teachers let them take their time. Teachers spend ten or more minutes rounding up equipment for the lesson. The students have less than fifteen minutes for the planned activity. They are rushed into the locker and straggle out past the class end time. They are rushed to the line and sent to their next elective minutes late.
Best Case Scenario
All technology equipment in stored in a safe and easily accessible room. Any technology used is checked the day before the lesson begins to make sure it is working properly. The morning before the classes come in, all technology needed for that day is set up and ready for when the students come in.
Worst Case Scenario
All technology is not store in the same place. The room is not easily accessible, nor is it safe. The technology for the lesson is not checked to see if it is working properly. When the students come in for class, any technology being used has to be fetched. The projector being used to show the video takes a few minutes to cut on and then five minutes to warm up. The cord for the speakers is lost and has to be tracked down.
The students come into the gym quietly and line up on their designated lines. They proceed into the locker rooms and change quickly. After changing, they leave the locker room and sit in their designated spot. A student leads stretches, and everyone stretches quietly. During the activity, all students are participating and having fun.
Environnemt Management
Best Case Scenario
The both sets of bleachers have been brought in. All directions for what the students are to do are posted where everyone can see. Any equipment is already set out and ready for the lesson. The teachers are waiting on the students, guiding them in to what to do.
Worst Case Scenario
Both sets of bleacher are out and need to be pulled in. There are no directions for the students to see. The equipment is not set out but is piled in the corner of the gym. The teachers are in their office.
Student Behavior
Best Case Scenario
Students come into the gym quietly and line up on their line. When given directions, students complete them the first time they are given. Anytime a student is asked to do something, it is done without attitude and done happily.
Worst Case Scenario
The students loudly come into the gym. They do not line up on their line. Students are running around and talking. Any directions must be given three or four times and there are some that still do not follow directions. Any redirection is met with attitude and disrepect.
Integrated Studies
Best Case Scenario
Many lessons per week require skills learned in other classes. History incorporated when explaining the history and origin of certain sports. Math skills can be used to calculate fitness data, or the mean of the classes made shots during a game of basketball. Science can be integrated with the movement of particles described using various types of movement.
Worst Case Scenario
Core subjects and elective subjects are never integrated in the physical education lesson. If a core subject happens to find its way into the lesson, the teachers do not acknoweldge it.
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