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George Armstrong Custer

George Armstrong Custer

Courtney Overcash

on 31 January 2011

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Transcript of George Armstrong Custer

George Armstrong Custer Custer went to West Point in 1857.
Excelled in swords play and horsemanship.
Got in alot of truble.
In 1861 he graduated bottom of hos class.
Right out of west point he was a 2nd Lieutent

Childhood Schooling Wars Born in New Rumley, Ohio in 1839

Parents are Emenuel & Marie Custer

He went to McNeely Normal School A.K.A.Hopedale Normal Collage

Went to United States Military Academy A.K.A West Point
American Civil War

Indian War Civil War He was 2nd lieutent
Part of the Fifth U.S. Calvery
Promted to Captain on May 24,1862
November 1862 Custer reveted to the rank of 1st leutenant
Genral Pleasonton promoted Custer from Captain to brigier genral for Volunteers Promotions Custer established a reputation as an agressive cavary brigade commander to take personal ricks The first yougest genral at age 23 Custer lost 257 men at Gettysburg, the highest lost of any Union Cavlry Brigae Indian War Custer favored the indains at the time
He wasn't going along with what his higher officers were saying about getting rid of the indans so he got in truble for insbordination.
hHe took a year off and worked with his Father-in-law It has never been proven. But, they say that Custer got fired for not fallowing orders and thats why he took a year off. that his wife got him his job back. Family Had a wife. Named Elizabeth Bacon Custer
No kids
had two younger brothers
alot of half-sisters His Father-in-Law didnt approve of them getting married until he baecame a genral because his fater was blacksmith Recap Born in New Rumley, Ohio in 1839

Went to West point

Graduated bottom of his class The youngest general (age 23)

In civil war & Indian War

Died at Little Big Horn on June 25, 1876
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