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My Journey

No description

Dylan Erskine

on 11 September 2017

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Transcript of My Journey

Journey into the Past
Eigth grade
Introduction of my life
I was born August second, 2003 at Holland hospital. My mom is Kate Erskine and my Step-Dads name is Jason Grzybowski. Shortly after me came my brother Clayten and then my brother Logan
Kindergarten was interesting because I took it twice and I don't remember much from Kindergarten except for when we had free time and played with lego's
Lake Shore Elementary
This school was where it all started. I went here from 1-5 grade and then went to harbor lights for 1 year. I had made a lot of memories and friends in this school.
first - fourth Grade
In Elementary school I wasn't the best student and I also wasn't very active until about seventh grade. I had mostly bad grades in Elementary school.
Sixth and Seventh Grade
In Sixth and Seventh grade I began to step it up and started to have all A's and be a lot better student. in sixth grade I wasn't that popular because it was a big school and then in seventh grade I went to Jefferson and it was a lot smaller.
I am currently in Eigth grade and this is the first year I have played a sport and I play Football. I think this school you is going to be extra great at the High School!
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