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Cyber bullying

No description

Ryan Davidson

on 19 November 2015

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Transcript of Cyber bullying

cyber bully!
cyber bullying
you suck!
why are you even here!
you smell!
your weird!
They are hunting you!
Two ways to prevent cyber bullying
Tell a parent or teacher about your situation.
Delete your account or block the user.
Online respect
By: Ryan Davidson
why are they doing
what did i do to them?
If you bully someone online or offline it could ruin your life or someone elses!
Cyber bullying can start out small and turn out big! it could be a little converstion then it could end up as a suicide!
Thing's you post online dont go away!
90% 0f people in the world cyber bully
why are they doing this
Cyber bullying
your so dumb
go die
your fat
no-one cares about you
you smell
why are you still alive
your ugly
your gross
why aren't you dead
what's wrong with you
everyone hates you
your weird
Digital foot print:
A digital footprint is the trail
or track you leave on the internet and it will never be deleted even if you hit "delete" it will still be there everyone will be able to see what you do on your device!
Cyber bullying isn't just text messages it can also be the pictures you post online people can say mean things about your pictures and it might make you feel really bad about your self .
20% of people being cyber bullyed
have cmmited suicide. Thats alot of inocent people dying!

Many people think its easyer to bully from a screen instead of in person.
The world would be a much better place with out cyber bullying.
dont be a cyber bullyer!
stop people from cyber bullying!
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