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bake sale

student council

addison collins

on 5 February 2013

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Transcript of bake sale

-bake sale (cupcakes)
- 3 tables located in el fox front hallway
and caf hall.
-price will be $1.50 per cupcakes or (3 for $3.50
-if not selling drop the price as lunch goes on by .25
-money to Guelph Wish Fund For Children
-about 10 volunteers
-special cupcakes such as angry birds, oreos amd plain, chocolate and vanilla
-we want to calm people before exams Event Description WEEK BEFORE
-advertisements start (sign up for volunteers a sc meeting,posters, banner, slide on the tv's
-mabey dd kids would hang our posters
-Purchase of ingredients(hopefully when items come on sale?)
-make cupcakes
-decorate cupcakes
-out 30 mins early from 2nd to set up
-sell at lunch
-30 min or less clean up into 3rd
-deliver unsold cupcakes to staff and DD kids Schedule of Events -All student body and faculty
-mainly grade 9's (calm before exams, to give them a sm:)e in the highly stressful weeks)
-we want to include the DD program so we will be definitely visiting them to give them a chance to have a cupcake Target Groups -front foyer
-el fox hall
-caf hall (inside the caf or outside caf?) Venues - not over $200
-each cupcake mix box is around 2$( if we get on sale they're about half the price
-decorations( icing, jujubes, licorice, oreos)
-posters Estimation of cost -help everyone stay calm before exams
(mostly grade 9s, we know that first exams are stressful and possibly scary we want to offer support and help them get through it)
-All students and teachers can enjoy a cupcake to relax
-Hasn't been done before
-want to start a cupcake day near exams
-Everyone loves cupcakes!!! why should this even take place -cost ; $200
-profit ; $300-350 (cupcakes will be sold at 1.50$ and 3 for 3.50$)
-also accept donations for the charity
-where is money going; Guelph Wish Fund For Children Estimated Funds From Council -Want to breakeven
-Make a profit to make a good donations to the Wish Fund
-Want to see how many students and faculty that will enjoy the event
-Would like feedback from grade 9s to see if any advice helped them, if their experience wasn't so bad
-Want to see if this event is worth doing for the students and faculty Goals Cupcake day! Comments :) Questions?
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