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Making Solar Energy Economical

No description

kaibin chew

on 18 February 2013

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Transcript of Making Solar Energy Economical

Screening-Engineered Field-Effect Photovoltaics Are these Technologies Really Economical? Knowledge of electric fields & circuit analysis require How can Eletrical Engineers Contribute? Our Solution Sustainability Plenty of inexpensive and abundant materials Making Solar Energy Economical Cost Currently:
coal: $0.10 /kWh In the near future:
Achieve grid parity Dye Synthesized Solar Cells Simple to produce Why Manufacturing Cost is High? 40% Economics of Solar Energy Factors affecting Cost of Solar Electric Systems Nanotechnology Group T43

Group Members: Low Wen Wei
Chew kaibin
Erwin Wibowo
Du Xiao Xue Introduction to Solar Energy The cause of the problem Current Available Solutions Our promoted Solution Solar Energy -Free and unlimited supply of sunlight -Able to exceed global demand by two-folds -Environmentally Friendly Breakdown of Solar Panels High material cost Advantages Disadvantages Low Cost Materials needed Rare Materials Temperature Sensitive Electrolyte solution contains volatile organic compounds 1.Require a lot of rare and expensive materials
2. Cause environmental hazard
3. Efficiency is relatively low NO Our Solution : SFPV 1. Can use any semiconductor materials
2. Environmentally friendly
3. Efficiency could be increased - proposed by the University of California at Berkeley Screening-Engineered Field-Effect Photovoltaics Conventional Solar Panels Solar panel recyclable Fossil Fuels Advantages
1. Can use any semiconductor material
2. Environmentally friendly
3. Efficiency could be increased 4. Decreasing manufacturing cost significantly Dye Sensitized Solar Cells Why we choose to make it more economical rather than efficient? Cadmium-Telluride Solar Panel (CdTe) Less than $1/W Advantages Good match with sunlight Cadmium is abundant Disadvantages Tellurium is rare Cadmium is toxic Low efficiency of 10.6% http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/P%E2%80%93n_junction http://www.solar-facts-and-advice.com/cadmium-telluride.html Cadmium Telluride Solar Panels Manufacturing Cost THANK YOU Can be manufactured on a small scale http://www.cvmelectric.com/solar-incentives.php Colin A. Wolden et al., J. Vac. Sci. Technol. A 29 http://homework.uoregon.edu/pub/class/hc441/pv.html purity of silicon used thickness of the wafer High doping cost ion implantation technology high temperature of 900 to 1100°C
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