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Lauren Cope

Math Project

Mrs Feeney

on 5 May 2010

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Transcript of Lauren Cope

Lauren Cope
Period 4 I chose Verizon because the phones there are amazing. I also chose it because i thought that the stock prices were going to be quite high.
Verizon is a phone store and they sell cool phones but they dont do so well when it comes to selling the products they dont do so well. The stocks were not very high.
358.80 was the price for profit and loss. That was not a very good price.
I chose Aeropostale because I like the products that they sell.Also because I th=ought that since the company is popular I thought that they would have high stock prices.
The store is an amazing store. they have great clothes.
430.50 is what the profit/loss was for my company. That is pretty good.
My stock for AEROPOSTALE was not that good compared to what I thought that it was going to be. It was lower than I anticipated. Overall, my stock prices for this company were not very high at all. My stock for VERIZON was not very high either but the sad thing is that it was lower than AEROPOSTALE. I was surprised that the store is so popular and the prices were not high at all. Some advice that I have about investing is that when you are investing you should be careful how you do it, because you might end up with negatuve numbers and you dont want to do that. Some things that I liked about this project were that the stores that I picked I liked. Also I liked the way that we got to set up the way that the path goes. Something that I would change about this project are that the amount of information should be alittle bit less, like instead of putting the advice about investing on it you shouldn't put it on. TEST STOCK MARKET PROJECT!
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