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Cancion del pirata

No description

MiKayla Lowe

on 18 February 2015

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Transcript of Cancion del pirata

The author, José de Espronceda, was born in Pajares de la Vega in 1808, and educated at Madrid, from which having engaged in political conspiracies, he was obliged to flee, going to Lisbon and then Paris. He returned in 1833 as a journalist and playwright and represented Almería in the Cortes. He died in Madrid in 1842. Many once considered him the leading Spanish poet of the nineteenth century, but the current of criticism has set against him in later years. His Obras poéticas appeared at Madrid in 1884.
About the Author
Opinion of the Poem
José de Espronceda made the point of his poem very clear and although it repeats a lot of the same things such as how the man is afraid of nothing and how nothing can stand in his way, he still gets his message across. It is well written and rhymes, which of course, makes it even better. You can tell that the author put a lot of work and effort into the poem considering the amount of detail he put into it and, overall, it was a pretty good poem.
What does the poem mean?
The poem is about a man seeking freedom and how he will do anything to get it. The words, "my treasure is my gallant bark, my only God is liberty; my law is might, the wind my mark, my country is the sea" are repeated several times throughout the poem and lead us to think that the man lived on a boat and was constantly searching for an adventure. He also talks about the hardships the man overcame and how he believed nothing could stand in his way because he'd already gotten through so much.
By MiKayla, Courtney, & Will
Cancion del pirata
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