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Global Weather Patterns

A closer look at different types of weather patterns

Katelyn Sherman

on 8 February 2013

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Transcript of Global Weather Patterns

The Coriolis effect is the deflection of all moving
particles at earth's surface to the right in the Northern Hemisphere and the left in the Southern Hemisphere. Lets say that a plane is traveling from the north pole to Alaska. Because of the way the earth moves, you would end up to the right of your location.
What causes the Coriolis effect?
The Coriolis effect is caused by earth's rotations.
Why don't winds move in a straight line from high to low pressure?
The wind is not attached to the earth, so it doesn't move with the earth. Because of the Coriolis effect , the wind will curve from high to low pressure. What is the Coriolis Effect? Definition:
The jet stream is a high speed wind current moving from the west to the east and reaching speeds of up to 250 mph.
What causes the jet stream to flow from west to the east?
A type of global winds called prevailing westerlies makes the jet stream move from the west to the east. What is the Jet stream? Definition- El Nino:
A warm ocean current of variable intensity and may cause catastrophic weather conditions.
Definition- La Nina:
The sea surface is cooler than usual in the central
and eastern Pacific ocean.
How is weather affected if it is an "El Nino" year?
I think it would cause probably many thunderstorms, and possibly some hurricanes. What is El Nino and La Nina? Definition:
A wide spread thunderstorm that is associated with a fast moving band of severe thunderstorms.
How does a derecho affect weather in Raleigh, NC?
Because of all the rain falling, we would definitely be in low pressure, because low pressure is when air is light so it evaporates, condenses, then falls to earth as precipitation. Also because of the air rising there would probably be foggy weather. A derecho would usually happen during the summertime because that is when most thunderstorms form. What is a derecho? Definition-
A doldrum is when there are trade winds that make upwards winds when they are heated; therefore no steady surface winds.
Trade Winds:
Air movements from north and south moving towards the equator that are in the 0-30 degree mark.
Prevailing Westerlies:
Winds that are moving towards the poles and they appear to be moving to the east and are found in the 30-60 degree mark.
Polar Easterlies:
Winds that are moving away from the poles and appear to be heading towards the west which is also found in the 30-60 degree mark.
Which global winds affect us in Raleigh, NC?
Prevailing westerlies are the global winds that affect us. The reason for this is that you can find these winds in the 30-60 degree mark, and that is where the United States is. According to my knowledge, they head from west to east, and weather in the United States moves from west to east.
Why does it make sense that weather travels (mostly) from west to east in the United States?
Prevailing westerlies are the winds that hit us, and those winds move from west to east. With the winds moving that way, it carries mostly all weather in the US from west to east. What are Global Winds?
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