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Flipped Classroom

No description

Joshua Glazebrook

on 19 July 2013

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Transcript of Flipped Classroom

Why the Flipped Classroom?
Cater for student learning speeds.
Important info is missed
Homework too difficult
An expert available at the time they need it
Students practice and apply with you
What is the flipped classroom?
Interacting Expert
Wise Sage on Stage
Low-level Bloom's:

At home
They ask questions.
Summarise material.
Watch videos
Listen to podcasts
Copy online notes
Find appropriate websites
Lower level worksheets

High-level Bloom's:
In class
Debates / mock trials
Practicals / Experiments
Practical write ups
Critiquing of reports
Higher level worksheets
Problem solving.
Evaluation of other people's answers

Because there is:
Time for one to one
Time for small groups
Better student support
For those:
with or without technology
with or without appropriately skilled parents
Create an Engaging Class Environment:
Practicals are completed
Application can be shown
Group work can be done
It Enables the Students
Learn at their own pace, to a degree.
Receive more time in the classroom.
Notice the first 2 points, help cause the student to take responsibility for their own learning.
They can:
Pause, rewind, re-read lessons.
With a device gain access whenever or wherever they want.
The Likely Activities
Ask questions
Copied notes
Challenge Problems
Worked in Groups

Students watch or listen to videos or audio:
5 - 15 mins long with a summary.
Students post questions.
Elementary level responses to questions.
Example Home Activities....
Students have:
Speed control, watch, listen summarise over a period of time.
Immediate repetition, pause or rewind control
without being noted by others.
without interrupting workflow of the class.
The ability to master their learning.
Students can always come back to these before their examinations.
Example Class Activities
Challenging Questions
Research and practicals are nearly
always group or collaborative work.
Practical write ups and reports are
the common complex text type.
Initial thoughts on "the flip"
Bottom Line:
It's not always the right instructional choice
It's a tool that we take out of the box.
But it is a
powerful one

99% of surveyed teachers who flipped their classroom, will do it again next year.
ONE flipped classroom
It's not always the right instructional choice
Everybody teaches differently.
Take pieces or all of my flipped classroom ideas.
Make it work for your students in your classroom
An Education Ideology
A common education ideology among many teachers is they want
students to take responsibility for their learning
in the subject.

If this suits you, the flipped classroom helps.
Example Home Activities....
Length dependent on class.
Summarise or copy out (read).
Elementary level responses to questions.
Students have the ability to:
Read / copy / summarise over a period of time.
Go beyond read if they choose to.
Students can always come back to these before their examinations.
Class or small group discussions.
Comparison of answers to questions.
Completion of over-arching project.
Re-watch videos.
Its NOT About Technology
The technology does not replace my teaching.
It is a tool and like all my tools
It can do work for me....
It enables me...
It enables my students...
Stats on my class to come here
But What Do the Students Think?
Example videos of student interviews to come here
How to Get Parents On Board
Parent Question: Why have you stopped teaching my son / daughter?
Best to post your own notes.
Best to post your own videos.
Then explain what goes on in class.
Higher level learning...
Higher amounts of differentiation...
Higher amounts of teacher time...
Less lecturing in class...

Example of class work video

Flipped Classroom Websites
An example of a poor presentation as too much animation made the timing poor.
The Equipment Used
The Programs of:
Active Presenter (Free)

Many people will get Camtasia Studio, a sound recorder and / or video recorder.
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